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April 19, 2014

Autumn Fever

Have you ever encountered the experience when something looks 100 times better on, than off? This gold, embellished dress fell under that scenario. I was extremely impressed as to how beautiful this dress was once I had it on. I loved the elegant vibe: starting from the subtle v- neckline, to the midi length cut. Moreover, the number of compliments that I had received from the night was numerous. Thank you Virgos Lounge for such a gem. 
Dress c/o Virgos Lounge, Tony Bianco heels, Collette clutch
Photos by Vivian Nguyen
I wanted to toughen up the overall look with these black heels. Whilst I do believe that I am quite good when it comes to wearing heels, I knew these bad boys weren't going to last me the night. Despite having such consideration prior to leaving the house, I decided to challenge my pain tolerance anyway. Let's put it this way- I walked up and down Rundle Mall since 7pm before watching the Rundle Mall A/W parade, socialised at the after party (photos here and here), walked on grass at the River Torrens for hours, and danced my way till 2am... I was basically on my feet for seven, long hours, and it was to the extent that my legs were beginning to cramp every time I took another step. So why exactly did I have to tell you this story anyway? I have absolutely no idea as there is no moral to this. I would still go through such experience and pain if I had to. However, I must put it out there that I don't do this on a regular basis as comfort is definitely the way to go.

April 13, 2014

Mom jeans

Karen Walker sunnies, Crop top, mom jeans, and boots c/o Miss Guided, American Apparel belt, Bag c/o La Moda
Photos by Vivian Nguyen
Meet the newest addition to my denim family. She's called the mom jeans. A month ago, I found the perfect boyfriend jeans. Now I'm searching for my daddy jeans (does he exist?) to complete my family. 

April 6, 2014

Golden Hour

Yes to another monochromatic look. This time, I decided to whip out my fedora and tie my leather jacket around my waist to dress down this girly, skater dress. As the warm weather significantly dropped to around 13 degrees yesterday night, it was a wise idea to incorporate the jacket as an accessory to begin with. 
Also, do you like my new hair? After going through a stubborn year of not wanting to trim my hair, I finally did it, and it feels amazing. I can finally brush through the ends of my hair without seeing a copious amount of split ends, begging to be cut off. 
Fedora hat c/o Miss Guided, Skater dress c/o Motel Rocks, Wish leather jacket, Windsorsmith boots
Photos by Karen Nguyen
My 16 year old sister had her school formal yesterday, and being the nice sister that I am, I drove her to her hair and make up appointments. Oh, the life of a being a lady. This would greatly explain why my car is full of shoes, ranging from extremely high platforms to sneakers. I had to constantly change shoes in between driving and quickly leaving the car as sneakers did not suit what I wore. However I did manage to find sandals hidden at the bottom of the back seat as I was heading to Chinatown for a drink. Aaaaand to live up to the many established Asian stereotypes, I randomly bumped into my cousins from Perth whilst I was there, who have just flew down to Adelaide yesterday evening. We ended up having a spontaneous lunch together before I had to pick up my sister. Trust me, I was tripped out.