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July 24, 2014


These are my favourite outtakes from a recent collaboration shoot that I did with the talented Carolyn. I love being able to meet, and work with different photographers, as each individual has their own special touch to what they do. In case you were wondering, we shot these images at a little garden known as the Adelaide Himeji Garden (a Japanese garden) in the city. I didn't even know such place existed so there was definitely some excitement when I first caught glimpse of the sight. I ended up doing three outfit changes for this shoot, where I opted for a pastel- coloured theme with a more girly touch.
Three Floor dress c/o Rosa House Boutique, Steele peplum top c/o Rosa House Boutique, Three Floor jumper c/o Rosa House Boutique, Forever New dress (worn as a skirt), Asos brogues
Photos by Carolyn Do
And as graceful as these images may appear to be, I think we did a pretty good job hiding the fact that we were faced with terribly cold, winter weather on the day. I was surprised that the waves in my hair still held up after being attacked by the slight rain, and that the goose bumps all over my body didn't show up on camera. Okay, the goose bumps did show up on camera, but we didn't end up using those photos anyway. Enjoy!
Jody x

July 18, 2014

Welcome Back

Black hat (similar here), Cameo the Label striped top (similar here), Acne jeans, Black bag, Zara boots (similar here)
Photos by Jing Khuu
I give my sincerest and most empathetic apologies to anyone who has occasionally pondered on the blog to see the same black ensemble for weeks. It was difficult to find myself on the laptop, attempting to do any form of blogging (whether it'd be editing, drafting, or publishing a post) when I was in a daily food coma from over- eating in Sydney. But now that I am back home, I will ensure that my email responses are more prompt, and blog posts more frequent. 
Despite the numerous trips to restaurants, dessert cafes, and tourists' landmarks, I managed to pick up a new staple - these Acne jeans on my short holiday. This pair has been attached to my legs since day one of purchase. At least it somehow knows how to hide all the excess fat I've gained from the trip.
Jody x

June 27, 2014

Sun Kissed

Fred Perry shirt, Wish leather jacket (similar here), pleather shorts (similar here), Zara boots (similar here or here)
Photos by Jing Khuu
Wore all- black attire sometime last week before I was faced with a pile of notes, and text books to accompany me for the entire night, whilst I prepare for my exam this upcoming Thursday. Fast forward another week and I'll be finding myself indulging in delicious foods in a bigger city i.e. Sydney with a couple of friends. So yes, that's honestly where I'm getting my motivation from during this swot vac period. Though it's unfortunate that I've become slightly nocturnal since productivity seems to only peak during early hours of the mornings. Guess I can blame my bestie, coffee for that one.
On another note, as I am a self- confessed foodie (proof here), do you have recommendations of must- do/ must- eats in Sydney as I would love to know them if you do! It'll be handy as I am planning to do a travel diary as well as a list of favourite eateries when I return.
Jody x