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August 17, 2014


I know you're thinking it- these round glasses are too big for my small face, aaaand you're probably right. Yet there is always something luring about oversized sunglasses that catch my attention. These Shakuhachi ones were a recent purchase from when I was in Sydney. I thought the reflective coating was quite different to the ones that I already had at home, and thus, a transaction was made. 

There are great perks that come along with owning a pair of mirrored sunnies. For one, my friends can use me as a mirror, and two, you can see my spunky photographer (the little sister) in some of these images.
Shakuhachi sunglasses (similar here or here), Elephant choker c/o SeventhSunStore, Necklace c/o The Peach Box, Steele leather singlet & skirt c/o Rosa House Boutique, denim jacket c/o Junk Clothing, Nike Roshe
Photos by Karen Nguyen
There are selective apparels that no one can hoard too much of. Shoes in general are definitely up there on the scheme of things (at least in my eyes) but so is denim, and denim jackets are inherently a favourite of mine. Such a versatile, wardrobe basic is great for layering a street casual/ sports luxe look, especially when you want a balance from all- things leather. As such, I thought it was only necessary to complete the outfit with yet, another pair of sneakers, the infamous black Nike Roshe, with a delicate necklace and an elephant choker. Comfort is the way to go, right?

Now that I am back into the swing of the things- my usual routine of balancing everything and more, I have realised how much I cannot live without a comprehensively- planned diary. In fact, writing in my diary has signified how behind I am in terms of blogging. That is why I have spent this entire sunday evening/ night editing images, and drafting multiple blog posts to stay back on track. Furthermore, playing Lana Del Rey in the background helps a lot with productivity.

On a somewhat more interesting note, I will again, be in Sydney for two or so weeks for an internship at Golightly PR during the mid- semester break/ mid next month. I already know that it will be a fantastic experience regardless, and I can't wait to endeavour on such an exciting journey with the Golightly team. 

Even though I am trying to restrain myself from eating out, I have already compiled yet another, small list of places that I want to visit in Sydney. Ah, the struggles of being in a big city surrounded by numerous culinary choices. That also reminds me, I will try my very best to compile a part one of the Sydney photo diary together. If I don't, it'll end up being months worth of images and will probably lag everyone's computers, including mine.  

I hope you have a fantastic start to the week.
Jody x

August 7, 2014

Darling Harbour

This was the only proper outfit "shoot" that we did all week whilst in Sydney. I feel that I was probably being a bit too ambitious when I thought we were going to do it daily. It never occurred to me how time consuming getting the right photos would take (think whole body shots, close up shots of individual items, alongside the apparently "candid" shots). As such, I just opted for the easier option, which was to use my iPhone every other day for quick outfit snaps before heading to the next destination. 

Uniqlo shirt (similar here or here), Steele skirt c/o Rosa House Boutique, Senso boots c/o Rosa House Boutique
Photos by Jing Khuu
Whenever I do travel, I always try and plan the outfits beforehand. Attempting to buy an entire look for a special occasion (e.g. eating at fancy restaurants) when I'm on a holiday is rather stressful. I would have to be absolutely in love with something before making a purchase, as I get bored of clothes really easily. The other option when travelling is to just bring a lot of basics to give me the opportunity to mix and match without feeling repetitive. 

I've been searching for a decent denim shirt for such a long time and was really pleased to find the right one from the Uniqlo pop- up store on Pitt Street. Who knew it was a challenge to find such a simple shirt with a complimenting cut. I paired the top with another current favourite of mine, the leather skirt with pockets that can fit my phone + lip balm, and these awesome cut- out boots.

We spent the beautiful day exploring Darling Harbour, watching people busk on the streets, visiting the Chinese Garden of Friendship, and taking numerous tourist photos on my DSLR. Twas a fun day.

August 5, 2014

Old Skool

Undeniably, I don't seem to ever dress appropriately to cater to Adelaide's winter weather.  I'd say it was probably thirteen degrees (Celsius) on the day I decide to wear a skirt, with a baggy sweater as the top.  Okay, in my defence, I'm not that terrible, I did bring a coat along as well. However, I did feel a little apologetic towards my legs, as they were slowly outraged to see visible goose bumps when the sun went down. (And to think that people in Sydney complained that their winter is cold - mind you, it was around 17- 18 degrees when I was there). We shot these photos in a small, and somewhat hidden road before hitting Central Markets to stock up on a lot of fruits and market essentials. Don't ask me what my market essentials are as they seem to just always be something along the lines of .... food.... Mmmmmmm (I had to say no to ice- cream this time).

(How I'd look if photos were to be taken from the other side of my face profile. All that you will be seeing is a lot of hair).

Elephant choker c/o SeventhSunStore, Grey sweater c/o Junk, navy pencil skirt (similar here or here), Vans Old Skool c/o Platypus Shoes
Photos by Jing Khuu
I am constantly battling against myself with the reoccurring mentality of knowing that I don't need another pair of shoes, yet I buy it anyway because, well, I don't have that pair. Maybe it is because I work at a sneaker store that I am constantly frothing over sneakers, or the fact that I know how practical they are in terms of comfort. The Old Skools are a new favourite. Once upon a time ago, I would never take second glances at the shoe, for rookie reasons of not realising how aesthetically beautiful these look when worn on. Please say you agree with the latter. 
P.s. Feel free to communicate with me on here. I get lonely, sometimes. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
Jody x