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March 22, 2016


Photos by Karen Nguyen

Although I was expecting the sun to come out yesterday, I actually ended up loving the results of the fall- esque vibes that were captured instead. The serene backdrop is almost an accurate representation of my remnant memories of autumn almost a year ago. I know a lot of Australians would agree that the idea of wearing cosy winter items in the upcoming weeks is a little exciting. Yet, I am still undecided as to whether I am more of a Summer or Winter person.

I am making the most of short dresses, skirts and shorts whilst the weather still allows me too. You know, soon enough, all anyone will ever see as I am walking down the streets is my heavy coat hiding whatever that is in the inside. Similarly, I will be frequently getting into the routine of changing outfits last minute and finding myself wearing jeans and a sweater instead. 

Also, I am having this little crisis where I want to dye my hair really light again. Contemplating on whether I want to go ash, silver, blonde, grey... Just as a warning, don't be too surprised if you see me with a new hair colour again. 


March 8, 2016

Beginning of March

Every time I take photos for a new blog post, something changes about me, and it's usually my hair. Withstanding the humidity everyday in Singapore and Thailand made me spontaneously want to get my hair permanently straightened, as well as trimmed again. That way, I didn't have to deal with the daily stress of turning on the straightening iron and forcing my hair to straighten itself.

In saying that, I should really stop visiting the hairdressers so regularly or I'll eventually have hair up to my ears in the next post. And with my current track record, that sounds likely to be every couple of months or so... 

Calvin Klein tee, Grey culotte pants (similar here or here), Nike Fly Knit Racers, ZARA bag, Larson and Jennings watch
Photos by Karen Nguyen

I purchased several amazing things when I was travelling in January. My favourite is probably these Nike Racers in my preferred colour and size! Although I do love the rainbow colourway just as much, I couldn't justify the price of it. Nevertheless, I was in incredible shock to find this gem sitting around in a Hong Kong streetwear boutique as I was randomly shopping around Tsim Tsa Tsui.

Anyway so what's new with me? Not an awful much. I've started my 4th Year of Uni again this month. I'll be finishing my Media studies by the end of the year, and my law degree at the end of next year... In the meantime, I'm just trying to keep myself productive with work, uni, travels, and starting to upload regular content on the blog again. 

P.S. Shoutout to my cute sister who was generous enough to take these photos for me on her 18th birthday!

December 26, 2015


I can never escape a good rooftop for a summer evening shoot. Luckily for us, this was taken on a day when the temperature was not hitting the mid to high 30s.

Adelaide has been experiencing crazy heatwaves for consecutive days (proof) and as a result, I find myself glued to the air conditioner until the weather decides to finally cool down. Not the best way to spend the summer but what can you do. 

I was fortunate enough to play around with some of Pandora's new jewellery pieces. I've always been an avid lover of their delicate rings and could not pass up the opportunity to pair the intricate items with this gorgeous Bronx and Banco dress.

And if you are stuck on a new NYE dress, GlamCorner's got you covered with my special discount of 10% off all orders by entering "SILKYBOW" at check out. If you don't intend to make a purchase for something that you're only going to wear once, resorting to a hiring service for  a special occasion is a great alternative.

Photos by Karen Nguyen
Bronx and Banco dress c/o GlamCorner, Assorted rings and bracelets c/o Pandora, Black boots (similar here or here)

On a more relative note, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas yesterday! I worked on Boxing Day today and let me tell you, feeling exhausted is a complete understatement. As a matter of fact, the extensive exhaustion has led me to blog right now because it was about time that I had updated anyway. And honestly, my body can't do much else besides staying in bed to draft this entry.

It's hard to believe that it will be 2016 in a week's time. WHHATTTT...

This year has seriously flown by and now I'm already finding myself contemplating as to whether I want to do anything for NYE. I mean, I do have a very early morning flight awaiting for me the next day so the contemplation struggles are real. To be responsible or to not be responsible. 

P.s. Visit my Instagram to see how you can win a double pass to Adelaide's Laneway Festival next year! But seriously though, who can resist winning free tickets to an awesome music festival anyway?