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February 24, 2015

Rooftop Vibes

When I found this aesthetic rooftop view, I couldn't help but prance around with high levels of enthusiasm. I love overlooking the cityscape, and sighting such a scene during the evening was even more beautiful, as I got to witness the picturesque sunset.

On the other hand, my sister, (the photographer), could not care less, and just wanted the shoot to be over as soon as possible. I don't blame her. I mean, in essence, she could be shooting more interesting things than her sister, right? Soz lil' one. Yet being the kind sister that I am, a large sized Chatime, filled with peach black tea was sufficient enough for her to not complain whilst we tried to capture decent images for this post. Jokes aside, I am sure she loves our intimate, sister bonding time...
The Fifth playsuit c/o The_Edit Online, Huf bucket hat (similar here or here), Vans Old Skools
Photos by Karen Nguyen

Seeing as though it was approximately 35 degrees that day, wearing this playsuit with a pair of sneakers was the only way to go. This is definitely my go- to type of outfit on warm days where I don't want to focus too much on what I'm wearing, as I'm walking down the streets trying to brave the heat. Moreover, the playsuit's loose- fitting cut made everything a hell lot comfier.

And how cute is my bucket hat? I've had it for months and the only time that I managed to publicly wear it was on the second day of Perth's Stereosonic last December. It was about time that it made an appearance on the blog.

On a different note, how is uni already starting next week? Somehow my (awesome) summer holidays, which were three/ four months long have almost reached its ending... Alas, I'll have under a week to procrastinate as much as I want without feeling guilty that I have an assignment waiting to be completed. I will be entering into third year, which means that I am now half way through this five year course. It's about time that I go hunting for more internships and clerkships because before you know it, this year will fly by and I'll be a fourth year. I just know it... I mean, it's slightly terrifying that March is just around the corner. Time, please slow down a little.

Jody x

February 19, 2015

Dining at Ginza Miyako

I was recently invited by the owners of Ginza Miyako, a Japanese/ French fusion restaurant to try their exquisite dishes for dinner one night. Despite the location being rather tucked away, there are two entrances that you can enter from, one via North Terrace, and the other is through the Stamford Plaza Hotel. 

The interior is very traditional, and diners get the chance to overlook North Tce whilst eating. You  can stare and gaze all you want, as the pedestrians outside can't see you through the elevated floor, and tinted windows. Cute place for a date, don't you think?

My sister and I got to sit in the 'special' area where you have to remove your shoes before entering the room. It certainly made the overall dining experience more enticing. 

Every time I visit a new restaurant, instead of concentrating too hard on reading the menu, I always end up asking the staff what they would recommend. We're all often more content if we know that our meal will most likely taste delicious, right? As such, we ended up selecting four popular entrees, and three mains. As for dessert, we were fortunate enough to personally have Head Chef, Kabuki Ushiro San, not only come to our table for a chat, but to also surprise us with two dessert dishes that he thought we would love. How sweet of him. 
(Orange cured ocean trout 55°C confit with fennel wake salad, carrot puree, and wasabi sour cream - $16)
(Assorted sushi)
(Assorted sashimi including Houn Tasmanian Salmon and South Australian Tuna - $19)

(Lightly seared venison served with rocket, beetroot pickles, avocado puree, homemade balsamic soy and ume (Japanese plum) sauce - $19)
(Lamb rack topped with herb persillade, served with potato mush, seasonable vegetables, and black olive sauce - $38)
(Charcoal grilled wagyu scotch fillet with potato mash, seasonal vegetables, carrot puree, and red wine yuzu (Japanese citrus) chill sauce - $49)
(Slow cooked duck breast with potato mash, glazed witlof, beetroot puree and citrus teriyaki sauce - $34)
(Mille- feuille served with rhubarb ice cream and Japanese plum wine sauce - $12)
(Creme Brûlée served with tea panna cotta, and baby rice cakes - $12)
(Photos by yours truly)
It was my absolute pleasure to be able to indulge in such a feasting, and interestingly enough, my sister and I managed to demolish every ordered dish in a satisfying manner. Additionally, all floor members were extremely courteous. For example, the friendly chefs thoroughly explained how each dish was cooked every time they presented the meals to our table. On the other hand, the general staff were highly attentive and looked after us in a very welcoming way during our visit. I must say I had an exceptional experience and left the restaurant with a fulfilling food coma...  

Thanks for having us! 

150 North Terrace
Adelaide 5000

Jody x

February 14, 2015

Eye Candy

As of date, on days where I don't dress myself in your typical monochromatic colours, or neutral shades, I am most likely decked out in some funky, colour- blocking attire. Perhaps it's because I am in an ebullient mood and decide that I want to channel my inner feelings to the public sphere as I walk down the streets of good ol' radelaide.

In all seriousness though, I have been interchangeably living off the current summer season in my two tennis skirts, the other being in navy. They are such an awesome piece, and fall quite nicely in between the two spectrums of what I would define as chic and sports luxe.

And speaking of summer, I don't want it to end... If only every day was beach day, I would then get to swim amidst the warm weather, whilst gaze in awe at the picturesque sunset.

In regards to my summer holidays, I have had an incredible one. These past few months have been revolved around multiple road trips, working intense hours during the busiest retail period, going interstate with my best of friends, partying at music festivals, to (on a more personal level) learning more about myself as an individual. I have painted numerous new memories in the summer book for 2014/2015 that will never be forgotten. Ah, how sentimental of me.
Asos coat (similar here or here), Top (similar here or here), American Apparel skirt (similar here or here), Asos sandals (similar here or here)
Photos by Karen Nguyen
Although the change is not that dramatic, I dragged myself to a hair salon (twice) in the past month to trim my terribly, dead ends. Mind you, I probably visited the hair dressers twice last year, so this is actually an achievement. I opted for an even blunter cut and tried to trim off as many split ends as possible without resulting in a bob cut. However, I got a little carried away with the urge to change my hair style as I've dyed it twice within the last three weeks and now I see new split ends forming. Sigh. The price I have to pay to have my hair appear a certain way... 

Anyway, it's past midnight where I am, and despite me not purposely timing this blog post to fall on Valentines Day, it seems like it was just meant to be. As such, I wish all of you cute and lovey- dovey couples enjoy this special day.
Jody x