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June 16, 2015


Here is a little something that I did in collaboration with Pandora. I have always been a big fan of the brand, and a sucker for their range of delicate rings. As such, I could not pass up the opportunity to incorporate their pieces into my casual outfits. Speaking of which, this gem from Miss Guided is currently a favourite of mine- so effortless and chic.

Dress c/o Miss Guided, Tony Bianco heels, assorted rings, bracelets and necklaces c/o Pandora
Photography by Carolyn Do from Captured by Carolyn

Eerie, dark, and forsaken. These are words that come to mind when I scan through these set of photos. In my defence, I was literally freezing my ass off that anything other than a resting bitch face was too hard to do (check those visible goosebumps on my back out).

I thought I was prepared for the shoot but my mind completely forgot about how cold it was going to be in the afternoon. Then again, it's not often that you will find me wearing a dress like this in the middle of winter. Every walking step, and every hand movement felt like such a chore, but I still enjoyed the challenge. Don't get mistaken though, I was actually having a lot of fun whilst we were doing this! However, let's just say that turning the heater on maximum when I went back in the car was the light at the end of tunnel. Oh, and feasting on Italian for dinner was not bad too. 

Then again, in a month's time, I'll be absorbing all the vitamin D I can get in Japan. I can't wait! 

June 8, 2015

Golden Hour

Photos by Carolyn Do @ Captured by Carolyn
American Apparel sweater & tennis skirt, Zara boots (similar here or here), The Horse watch

We were driving aimlessly. Literally. The idea was we'll stop on the side of the road if we saw a picture- worthy spot, whilst we simultaneously chased the golden hour. 

After a while, we got a little side tracked and had to stop the car when we saw how close we were to these gorgeous horses. Truth be told, I've never really had contact with horses before and you could say that I was a little afraid to actually touch them.  Carolyn encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, as these graceful creatures would definitely not 'attack' me. It took me several minutes, and many failed photo attempts, but I did it! When I felt more a lot more comfortable, I began to touch the horses a lot... I even got photos with one of them. This spontaneous encounter to end the day was definitely a big highlight for me.


June 2, 2015


I love how my taste in clothes can significantly change throughout the years. It is partially this exact reason why I enjoy documenting what I wear on this blog. It's fun, interesting, and sometimes cringe worthy going through my archives, reminding myself of what I have worn previously. Are you there curious as to what I wore in June, exactly two years ago? (Because I surely am). Although the dates do not necessarily match up, I have just made life easier for you here. I honestly cannot comprehend the post was two years ago. My memory of that shoot is still so vivid. Talking about a vivid memory, I also remember very clearly that night when I went out, where I accidentally poured alcohol all over those black heels. Yeah, it was its' first and final appearance on da blog.

Since I do miss Summer, I try to make most of every opportunity there is to wear skirts and shorts. Here is one of those precious moments. I immediately pulled out this classic, camel coloured crop and paired it with a fitted skirt. And no... I do not remind you of an upside down tree.

Karen Walker Sunglasses, Crop c/o Miss Guided, American Apparel skirt (similar here) & belt, Zara black boots (similar here)
Photos by Karen Nguyen

Since I was struggling hard to fall asleep in bed, I figured I may as well turn the laptop back on and attempt to write a new blog post instead. Ah, look at that level of efficiency, especially when your laptop is currently sitting on 19% and you've only just begun writing this... Please don't shut down on me.

Mind you, it is currently 4:01 am, aaaaand yes, I am that nocturnal owl you would usually frown upon. I blame that nap I had a few hours ago though. I would have continued sleeping if it wasn't for yet, another assignment (essay) due at midnight. And with that, I feel extremely satisfied right now because I managed to submit it in time. Ho0o0o0rayyyy. In turn, writing a new blog entry is my form of celebration since it's a Monday night (oops, Tuesday morning) and I have nothing better to do. Lucky me.