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December 18, 2014

In the Negative

I am not one who often wears shirts with a great deal of words or sentences on it. Why? I usually encounter curious strangers who try to quickly read what the shirt says as they are walking past. Most times, it usually results in awkwardness between that person and I, as we both end up looking at each other instead. Yeah, I'm just going to pretend that the situation is not awkward, and that I will continue to walk ahead...

However, 'This is not a Chanel shirt' from Off Da Hook was an exception due to its somewhat quirky nature (a play on words that are based on today's pop- culture). There were other selections from the range, with their ideas from brands including Kenzo, Valentino and Hermes. I ended up picking the Chanel one simply because I want everything Chanel. Ahhhh, a girl can dream. 
Pink pleather jacket (similar here or here), shirt c/o Off Da Hook, leather skirt (similar here or here), Black boots (similar here or here)
Photos by Karen Nguyen
I am trying to gradually incorporate more colours into my recent outfits to enhance the spring/ summer vibe. These days, I tend to stay away from wearing too much pink as it can often come across as being too girly in my eyes. Other days, you'll find me walking up and down boutiques hunting for a new wardrobe staple: a pink top to add to my collection. Yeah, I am definitely indecisive.

For example, I felt that draping on this pastel, pink, pleather jacket was an awesome idea to help soften up this overall look. So, why sling and not just put my arms into the sleeves..? Well, I obviously wanted people to see the shirt without undergoing too much difficulty. I am not going to lie though, I personally would not recommend partaking in this trend if it's extremely windy outside. You don't want to look like an idiot as you're shamelessly chasing after your jacket or coat that happened to fall off those delicate shoulders of yours. It's about being fashion smart. 

Moving on, I am certain that most, or if not all of us had seen the heart- breaking headlines on the harrowing incidents that occurred days ago in Sydney, and Pakistan. My condolences goes out to all the affected family members and friends. The grief and tragedy of losing innocent lives is never something any of us humans should be proud of. May they all rest in peace. 

On a lighter note, I have been featured in South Australian Style's latest edition, alongside Lucy of She Shopped, in a three page spread to represent Rundle Mall. You can suss out the digital copy here

Jody x

December 11, 2014

Miss Guided's Summer Edit

It is finally summer here in Australia, and consequently there are numerous perks associated to this. Let us start by embracing those regular beach trips, to soaking up the warmer weather, even when it is dark outside. 

Miss Guided and I have thus collaborated together to style three outfits from their latest 'Summer Staples' range. Generally speaking, I wanted to opt for alternative ways to dress for the season without having to resort to the typical Australian summer's look- think singlets, shorts, thongs/ flip flops etc. 
Photos by Jing Khuu

For the first outfit, I went for a more preppy take on the pleather midi skirt, with a metallic, backless top. I have been lusting over a midi skirt for months and when the opportunity finally came up, I knew I had to feature such a versatile piece on the blog. Moreover, it is always exciting spending a few hours feeling the beautiful breeze touch your back as you're twirling around the streets of Adelaide in these green, croc- print heels. 

Photos by Karen Nguyen
What do you wear when your friend spontaneously informs you that your catch up date with them is well overdue, and that they are picking you up within thirty minutes? For this second outfit, I wanted to portray a more casual, minimalistic look, especially when worn with these blue, velvet slippers. What's better? I wouldn't even need to bring a bag as I would just slip my iPhone, bank card, and lip balm into the trouser's pockets.

Black swing dress, choker, & chelsea boots c/o Miss Guided
Photos by Jing Khuu
It's summer. You are ought to attend more music festivals (I am definitely guilty of this), or to go out a lot more than as you would during the winter. Thus, this is my take on the more boho/ festive/ laid back vibe, which is also a good contrast from the previous two outfits. 

I love the simplicity of this swing dress with its intricate lace detailing around the arm sleeves. In terms of shoes, the chelsea boots deserve a round of applause. I could happily stomp around for days with them on, and not need to complain to anyone that my feet hurts. To complete the look, layering on with accessories was essential. Choker necklaces and hoop earrings were therefore my selections for the day.

I hope that these three outfits make up for my one month hiatus away from the blog. Again, there are no excuses and hopefully the motivation will continue to peak throughout these summer months before Uni starts again in March. 

If you are feeling bored, feel free to spare a minute of your life to (anonymously) comment below informing me of which outfit, from the three, did you favour the most? I would love to know! Have a lovely week,

Jody x

November 12, 2014


Thanks to the sweethearts from Miss Guided, I present to you my second look from the Nicole x Miss Guided collection. To minimise any confusion- yes, I have worn the dress version of this glittery top here. What can I say? I am a sucker for all- things shiny...
Top and skirt c/o Miss Guided 
Photos by Karen Nguyen
Ah, and hello to you too. I have once again, been under the radar in terms of updating the blog due to the significant amount of assignments that I have to constantly complete. To give you a little overview of my past week, I have either been sleeping for hours, taking in a lot of caffeine, then visiting my bittersweet friend, Microsoft Word. It's hard to complain though, especially when you select courses like Law and Media where the assessments revolve around doing assignments... Besides Law exams, I can't remember the last time I had to sit in a room and do a test. 

In the midst of writing this article, my stress levels and throbbing headache has temporarily stopped (key word: temporarily), since this form of procrastination is something I genuinely enjoy. Moreover, little reiterations like this help drastically, for when I do need some motivation to blog. Nevertheless, I have a lottttttt of things planned for this blog but won't be doing anything until next week, as that is when I'll officially be on holidays! Feeling stoked is definitely an understatement. However, I can't do much until these essays are handed up so, until then...
Jody x