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October 26, 2014


I've been religiously living in these sneakers for many reasons, ranging from the extreme comfort to the casual, aesthetic factor that it provides for my outfits. This minimalistic look simply expressed my mood for that day, when I realised the amount of assessments that I have to complete within a matter of weeks. On top of everything, being exposed to amazing designers, shows and general festivities throughout Adelaide Fashion Festival has certainly helped lighten that stressful sensation for me. 
Leather jacket (similar here or here), First Base grey dress (similar here or here), Vans Old Skool c/o Platypus Shoes
Photos by Karen Nguyen
Speaking of Adelaide Fashion Festival (AFF), expect numerous upcoming (yet, delayed) posts from the events that I've attended. It's always such a delight to see what Adelaide's fashion scene is capable of. I'm actually drafting and editing images as we speak so definitely stay tuned for it. As for now, I'll be getting ready for tonight's last, yet exciting AFF event: The Gentlemen's Lounge, before I find myself slaving away soon after in attempt of completing this 4,000 word report... Hope everything goes to plan!
Jody xo

October 13, 2014

Hause and Hello

Shirt c/o Hause Store, Pants c/o Junk Clothing, New Balance sneakers, Asos bag (similar here or here)
Photos by Jing Khuu
Hello and welcome to my blog. 
If you have previously returned to this digital platform over the last thirty days to find the same set of photos, then I will have to provide you with a sincere, cyber hug to thank you for your patience. It's actually quite daunting to write this article as I am completely aware of how disgustingly lazy I have been. It feels like I have not published anything, or taken proper photos in the longest time. I think I should just become a food blogger. Nevertheless, to sum up my month's absence, I will provide you with a little list of explanations and excuses...

Why I did not blog for the month of September:
  • I was overwhelmingly stressed with multiple uni assignments
  • I was in Sydney for two- ish weeks for a PR internship
  • (Because I was in Sydney), I didn't always have wifi connection
  • "                                       ", I was enjoying my interstate friends' company
  • "                                       ", I was busy eating a lot of good food, (clearly evident here...)
  • "                                       ", no one took photos for me 
  • "                                       ", I had no motivation to write anything that was worth reading
  • When arriving back in Adelaide, I had to ease my way back into the usual lifestyle i.e. work, and study as exams are around the corner
It's okay though, I'll make up for the lack of updates since Adelaide Fashion Festival begins next week, and I'll be covering the major events right here. Have faith in me.

Now onto the outfit: I really wanted to put more emphasis on casual street wear, as I just own a copious amount of sneakers (and the collection keeps growing...) Moreover, I would occasionally receive requests to style 'uni' outfits and seriously, the combination of wearing light- weight joggers, with a minimalistic printed tee, and some grey sneakers are a great epitome for studying attire.

I have always been supportive of local Adelaide labels, and Hause Store predominately sits strong in that list. Their original logo shirts are available in multiple shades - black, grey, or white. I eventually selected the grey since it was a little different to the standard monochromatic options. What do you think?

Thanks for reading, xo

September 9, 2014

Afternoon Delight

I opted for a more preppy style with the inclusion of baggy, mom jeans, as opposed to my usual skinny pair, which would've worked fine too. I feel as though no one can ever own enough sweaters for the winter season and this red one was a great addition to my wardrobe. (Even though I wouldn't mind some from Acne and Kenzo as well.....) And the scarf that I found in my parent's room, with its colourway complementing my sweater and coat, was the perfect touch to the complete the outfit.  

Whilst we're talking all- things apparel, let's celebrate the fact that I've finally purchased my first pair of flats since, forever. I remember a conversation over coffee with a male friend of mine who was astonished to hear that a 'fashun' blogger (me, fyi) did not own a single pair of flats. He had the assumption that every female would at least own a few pairs. He is probably right unless you can prove him otherwise? I've always had something against its physical appearance and am really picky when it comes to it. Actually, it's difficult to explain what I am trying to convey, so don't mind me if you don't understand the previous sentence. Nevertheless, I figured I could not constantly live in sneakers as an alternative for flat shoes, so I ended up purchasing these brown loafers. Slowly I am becoming more appreciative of the existence of a nice pair of flats, and am currently lusting for a black, (and possibly patent) pair. Thus, please holla at me if you've seen any that meet these (not very strict) criteria. 
Sweater c/o Junk Clothing, Mom jeans (similar here or here), Asos loafers, Zara coat (similar here or here)
Photos by Karen Nguyen
On a different note, I again greet you with irregular outfit posts on this platform. Maybe it's because I am currently so sick of my hair's regrowth (don't worry- I have an appointment booked for next week), that my motivation to take outfit photos has been drastically low. At the same time, I find that it is a poor excuse, so let me think of other reasons to justify for my lack of updates. I have definitely been working more hours than usual this week, and had to meet assignment deadlines, which would explain why I am still stuck at Uni on a Monday night at 1:13 am. Did I also mention that it's currently POURINGGGGG outside, thus, preventing me from going home? Rain, please stop.