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About Silky Bow

Founded in 2010 by Jody Nguyen, 'Silky Bow' is an Adelaide- based, digital platform established with the intentions of expressing her interests in fashion to the online community. Silky Bow thus documents Jody's personal style, whilst occasionally featuring glimpses of her other interests: food, beauty, travel and general lifestyle.

Jody has worked with a broad clientele domestically and internationally. For a more thorough outlook on her recent press features, please click here to view. 

For general, or business enquiries, please forward your ideas/ requests/ and questions to silkybow@hotmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Who takes all your photos?
I credit all photographers under each blog post respectively in this general format, 'Photos taken by ____'. However, it is usually my little sister, or best friends who often take the photos for me. Aren't they sweet. 

2. What camera do you use?
I currently use a Canon 550D with a 50mm f1.8 lens.

3. How old are you?

4. What is the meaning behind the name 'Silky Bow'?
To be really honest, there is no meaning behind Silky Bow. I was going through an adolescent phase (I  was 14/15) where I constantly changed my blog name on a monthly basis. At the time, I really liked bow hair accessories. Consequently, I figured that 'silky' would complement the noun, 'bow' well, and thus I integrated the two words together and Silky Bow was established. Fast forward a few weeks, I decided to change my personal (and private) blog, into a public, fashion bog, and was stuck with the name ever since. And that's the interesting story behind my blog name. 

5. What do you currently study?
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Media at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

If there are other questions that you would like answered, feel free to email me: silkybow@hotmail.com, or through this platform. 

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