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March 22, 2016


Photos by Karen Nguyen

Although I was expecting the sun to come out yesterday, I actually ended up loving the results of the fall- esque vibes that were captured instead. The serene backdrop is almost an accurate representation of my remnant memories of autumn almost a year ago. I know a lot of Australians would agree that the idea of wearing cosy winter items in the upcoming weeks is a little exciting. Yet, I am still undecided as to whether I am more of a Summer or Winter person.

I am making the most of short dresses, skirts and shorts whilst the weather still allows me too. You know, soon enough, all anyone will ever see as I am walking down the streets is my heavy coat hiding whatever that is in the inside. Similarly, I will be frequently getting into the routine of changing outfits last minute and finding myself wearing jeans and a sweater instead. 

Also, I am having this little crisis where I want to dye my hair really light again. Contemplating on whether I want to go ash, silver, blonde, grey... Just as a warning, don't be too surprised if you see me with a new hair colour again. 



Vivian Yuen said...

My next step is to go grey/ash! Loving the dress!

Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


Alona said...

These photos are absolutely stunning! I'm in love with the dress. x Alona


Alisa Gromova said...

You look precious dear and your blog is very inspiring!


Jenelle Witty said...

Such a stunner. Love the dress and boots combo Jody. xx Jenelle

Betsy Todd said...

The white dress is amazing, and i love so much. You look amazing

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ly heng said...

I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!
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