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October 21, 2015


Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Country Road pants (similar here), Adidas Superstars, American Apparel bag, The Horse watch
Photos by Karen Nguyen

Surprise, surprise.... I'm alive! Whilst it may be obvious to a couple through my somewhat regular pictorials posted on the Instagram app, this blog has definitely been neglected for way too long. 

So what's been happening with me lately? Within a month's time, I will be free from any university work for approximately 3 to 4 months. But in the meanwhile, I am buried between piles of readings for essays that are yet to be completed as well as preparing/ cramming for my upcoming law exams. 

In January, I'll be jetting off to Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand for a few weeks which I am incredibly excited for. If you have any recommendations of food places or must- do activities within those countries then please comment/ email/ or tweet me as I would love to know. 

I have been quite motivated and inspired to blog regularly again. I know for a fact that I have many belated posts that I really, really (sincerely!) want to publish once I am on my summer break. I'll love to do a "My current make- up routine", Japan photo diaries, Japan recommendations, more weekly outfits, and random tagged posts. 

For the mean time, here's a casual outfit post with my Superstars that I've search everywhere for. Trying to find these in my size (UK5) was such a struggle, but I managed in the end, and that is all that really matters.

P.s Sorry if I look incredibly unhappy (-insert any other alike synonyms-). I promise I am naturally cheerful in real life, although these photos suggest otherwise. 



B Ramida said...

Great sporty look!


Vivian Yuen said...

Love the superstars on you!

Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


Jenelle Witty said...

I used to have a pair of these shoes back in the day. I wish I'd kept them!
xx Jenelle

sourabh gupta said...
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sourabh gupta said...
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sourabh gupta said...
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Sweta Rathore said...

Thanks for the nice post

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