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June 2, 2015


I love how my taste in clothes can significantly change throughout the years. It is partially this exact reason why I enjoy documenting what I wear on this blog. It's fun, interesting, and sometimes cringe worthy going through my archives, reminding myself of what I have worn previously. Are you there curious as to what I wore in June, exactly two years ago? (Because I surely am). Although the dates do not necessarily match up, I have just made life easier for you here. I honestly cannot comprehend the post was two years ago. My memory of that shoot is still so vivid. Talking about a vivid memory, I also remember very clearly that night when I went out, where I accidentally poured alcohol all over those black heels. Yeah, it was its' first and final appearance on da blog.

Since I do miss Summer, I try to make most of every opportunity there is to wear skirts and shorts. Here is one of those precious moments. I immediately pulled out this classic, camel coloured crop and paired it with a fitted skirt. And no... I do not remind you of an upside down tree.

Karen Walker Sunglasses, Crop c/o Miss Guided, American Apparel skirt (similar here) & belt, Zara black boots (similar here)
Photos by Karen Nguyen

Since I was struggling hard to fall asleep in bed, I figured I may as well turn the laptop back on and attempt to write a new blog post instead. Ah, look at that level of efficiency, especially when your laptop is currently sitting on 19% and you've only just begun writing this... Please don't shut down on me.

Mind you, it is currently 4:01 am, aaaaand yes, I am that nocturnal owl you would usually frown upon. I blame that nap I had a few hours ago though. I would have continued sleeping if it wasn't for yet, another assignment (essay) due at midnight. And with that, I feel extremely satisfied right now because I managed to submit it in time. Ho0o0o0rayyyy. In turn, writing a new blog entry is my form of celebration since it's a Monday night (oops, Tuesday morning) and I have nothing better to do. Lucky me.


Vonny said...

love your nude top :) nice outfit


Anja Ge said...


Vivian Yuen said...

The fitted skirt is gorgeous! Loving this look~

Vivian ✞ LIVE . IN .LOVE


harada57 said...
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