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April 29, 2015

Apple Pie

Last week, Carolyn and I agreed upon a set date to shoot up in the Adelaide Hills. For me, the distance to get there from home could be considered as a mini road trip. It was something that I was looking forward to as I do really enjoy driving with great company and awesome tunes blasting in the background.

I did not intentionally plan it, but my outfit ended up colour- coordinating very well with the autumn imagery that we were presented with when we arrived at Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens. It was actually my first time there, and I deeply fell in love with how picturesque the entire garden was. (You'll understand what I mean as you go through this post).

In terms of accessories, especially headwear and eyewear, I have always been really pedantic about the look of each individual item. However, after thorough analysis and comparison to other similar products, I am usually left very satisfied with what I end up with, and these Ray Bans from Vision Direct were exactly that. I've been lusting over the sunglasses for months, and now that they are finally in my hands, don't be surprise to see them on my face quite regularly. In case you're wondering (and if you're actually seeking for a new pair of sunglasses anytime soon), Vision Direct has an extensive collection of designer sunglasses at very competitive prices, especially when compared to other retail outlets. It'll save you a couple of dollars, and you can thank me later. 
Once the glasses are off, you'll most likely be able to see my elongated eye lashes from the application of eyelash extensions. It's something that I've been doing for over six, seven months and I was amazed at how beautiful these lashes appeared on camera. My eyelash extension guru and I have been trialling different eyelash lengths and thickness every four or so weeks, and I am currently loving this set. I forgot what they're called but just send Nhung an email or inbox if you're enquiring about these lashes. 
Ray- Ban sunglasses c/o Vision Direct, Carhartt jacket via Real Store (similar here or here), American Apparel sweater & skirt (similar here), Black boots (similar here or here), The Horse watch
Photos by Carolyn Do @ Captured by Carolyn

Before I sign off and attempt to start on a new Media assignment about My Sassy Girl, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how talented Carolyn is. Thanks for putting up with photographing my face for hours..!



Vonny said...

uhh stronger eyeliner! nice makeup.

Vivian Yuen said...

Love the eyelash extensions! You look lovely~



The Fashion Lookout said...

Stunning! Gorgeous photos xx