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March 5, 2015


I thought this was the perfect outfit to welcome the Autumn/ Fall season here on the blog. Alas, those three, awesome Summer months have finally reached its ending and eventually, I won't be seeing many bare legs out in public. 

I always tend to think quite ahead, not just in terms of fashion or my personal style, but everything. However staying on topic, I knew I had to occasionally scout for new, staple pieces to add to my seasonal wardrobe throughout the Summer. I fell head over heals over these cropped, tapered trousers. There are so many options of outerwear and tops that could look great with these effortlessly- chic looking pants: jumpers, sweaters, crop tops - you name it. If you're after something that would complement your minimal, and relaxed style, this is the answer. 

I am actually trying to find a flattering black pair to have more pant options once Winter hits. (Can't be seen wearing jeans everyday now can I)? Even so, I wouldn't be surprised if you catch me mid- Winter wearing a short skirt or a pair of shorts. I've never really listened to what the weatherman had to say anyway...
Karen Walker sunglasses, The Fifth top c/o The_Edit Online, Tapered trousers (similar here or here), Asos heels (similar here or here), Clutch (similar here or here)
Photos by Karen Nguyen

Whilst shooting these photos, I have came to the conclusion that sunglasses are a blogger's best friend. Trying to take photos on a busy schedule can be quite difficult, especially if you're out for the entire day and do not have the time to reapply your make up. The process of make up reapplication is quite pivotal since the digital camera is able to capture extremely clear images, and therefore highlight unwanted flaws, if there is any. For example, imagine having that random pimple pop up one morning on the day of a shoot. And for your information, that scenario happens very frequently for me... Another occasion where sunglasses are helpful is if you're actually tired and it is physically evident through the photos. For such case, it'll be something along the lines of having minimal sleep the previous night. Thus, putting on a good pair of sunglasses will prevent and solve all these minor problems, whilst still act as a great accessory to any outfit. What an excellent inventory - and yes, I am wholly aware that there are numerous other, positive reasons as to why sunglasses could be your next best friend.

On a personal note, this week marks the first week back at Uni and I'm actually enjoying it. One of the perks of starting school again is buying new stationery. Yep, forever a student at heart. Annual trips to Officeworks will always be a fond primary/ high school memory. In saying so, the amount of stationary bought each year does reduce significantly. I still remember how I stopped using a pencil case last year because at some point, someone stole mine - tragic by the way. I resulted in just putting the pens and highlighters into the bottom of my bag, and trying to find whatever one I could when I needed to write something. However it's alright, I am more organised this year (inb4 someone steals it again).

I feel that this year will be an interesting one (in a positive way of course). I can't wait to see what will actually unfold, and what opportunities will arise before me. Regardless, I'll definitely be putting 110% into all my assessments, even if that means I will be at uni past midnight on a regular basis again.

Thanks for reading,
Jody x


chloe_e said...

Jodie you look so sophisticated, love this look on you!
I love sunglasses for the exact same reason haha! They do a wonderful job of hiding half your face while adding an element of chicness to your outfit, win win in my books.

ChloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

Milex said...

Vivian Yuen said...

Looking so slick <3



Alice Liang said...

This is such a sophisticated and clean look! love it xx

injunio said...

This is so good.