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January 13, 2015


Hey everyone. It does look like I've been M.I.A again, and I suppose you are right. Over the course of late December to early January, I have been thoroughly enjoying my time off to celebrate the festive season with my family and friends. However, in saying so, I did try to make up for the lack of blog updates by frequently posting on my Instagram and Twitter feeds instead.

My close friends and I spent a few days celebrating New Years in Melbourne. It was such a memorable trip. Each day consisted of us eating delicious food (Melbourne, you guys have amazing brunch game), and good vibes when partying/ chilling at night. Fast forward a few days of  catching up on sleep when I was back in Adelaide, and it was already then my 20th birthday. Time flies, and now I can finally say good bye to my teenage years. As you can see through these images, I was rather happy realising that was the case. Kidding.
Alex Perry dress c/o GlamCorner, Strap heels (similar here or here)
Photos by Karen Nguyen
I have never been the type to 'over- hype' my birthday and I stopped throwing big party celebrations since I was 13. I much prefer an intimidate dinner/ casual plan with my close friends than have to deal with the level of stress in trying to cater to the needs of other friends, and acquaintances. Thus, this year my little sister and I had a cute dinner at the currently- raved about 'Sean's Kitchen'. The subsequent day was spent having dinner at Mesa Lunga with my friends, where the night was filled with a lot of laughter, whilst drinking sangria and eating appetising tapas before we headed out.

As the occasion did come up,  GlamCorner and I decided to collaborate again to celebrate the fact that I've aged another year. Not really, but I do love GlamCorner's service. Considering that I do blog and document about my personal fashion on a regular basis to the public sphere, I now have multiple reasons as to why I spend a lot of time contemplating before I actually make a clothing purchase. 

For instance, I have stopped buying things with patterns on them (besides stripes) as I understand that everyone will get sick of me sporting it. There is the odd exception that if the pattern was beautiful, I might just have to buy it after all. Moreover, with social media being so prominent in our lives, I get a little conscious if I wear the same item, usually a dress, to an occasion or celebratory event knowing that a lot of photos with be taken that night. Not only do the guests at the event know that you've worn that dress tonight, all your friends, and even strangers on social media will also know that you've worn it too. Thus, you will most likely never want to be seen in the same item again. And in all honestly, it is a waste of money if the dress was expensive (subjective topic), and you chose to only wear it once. Don't mind me, there are exceptions, especially if the dress is of a neutral colour etc. but most girls will unfortunately understand this superficial mindset that I've just proposed. That's why GlamCorner is great. You get to 'hire' a beautiful dress at a much more affordable price, and not have to deal with the aftermath of leaving the dress unworn. 

I got to select this beautiful Alex Perry one and I just loved the elegance that it gave off when I wore it. I've been gravitating to more items that display my collar bones, and being the flat chested girl that I am, wearing a strapless dress can still appear somewhat conservative and sensible. I paired the gem with my go- to strap heels because you can never go wrong with such a staple, right? 

Whilst writing this post, I was reminiscing on my other birthday years and observed what I wore, and how I looked as I turned one year older each time. Here's 2014, and here's 2013 if you want to have a cheeky look to compare as well.

I will talk and update on here again soon, but until then, enjoy the rest of your week! 
Jody x


Anja Ge said...

you look beautiful as always! <3

Vivian Yuen said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous! Looking lovely in lace~