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January 19, 2015

Coral for the weekend

Now that I am getting older, I try to experiment with items that I would normally avoid wearing. Tight fitting dresses were definitely under such category, as I had the perception that I would not do the style justice. Granted, I am still quite selective, as I need to make sure that it flatters my figure, and not make me look like a two- dimensional stick.

I love a good, backless cut and whilst this is a rather simplistic dress, I felt that it was most appropriate as I wanted to accompany it with a few of my favourite jewellery pieces from Tomassa. Back then, I would be too lazy to even layer on any outfits with accessories, besides a watch, as I tend to lose/ misplace them after wearing it on several occasions. However, I gradually realised that wearing accessories (to an extent) further create a personal, and individualistic element to every outfit. You therefore will stand out from someone who may well be wearing a very similar outfit to you.
Necklacebracelet, and bangle c/o Tomassa, coral dress (similar here or here), black heels (similar here or here)
Photos by Jing Khuu
As for a more personal update, I have finally re-dyed my hair to a more brown/ grey colour using this Japanese hair product. I was getting sick of seeing that red/ orange undertone in photos (and the mirror) since I've just had the same colour for months, and felt the need for a change. Hopefully the colour won't fade too quickly, otherwise I'll have to dye it again because I am actually in love with this shade of grey.

In regards to updating this blog, I have the intentions to document my recent interstate trips (mainly Sydney, Melbourne, and a bit of Perth) for you. I am planning to do a few holiday photo diaries with restaurant recommendations along with it, as you all know that I am a massive foodie when it comes to travelling. Hopefully, you like this idea as I don't want this blog to be solely based on my personal style. Likewise, I am also considering to do my 'Everyday make- up tutorial' when I am actually satisfied with the way I apply my make up products. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to hit me up on here as I would love to know. (I'll promise to actually grant your wishes if they are feasible).

Have an enjoyable week,
Jody x


Anja Ge said...

amazing look!

Vonny said...

such a really gorgeous look! that dress compliments your body.


Vivian Yuen said...

Love reading foodie posts ;)



Florence said...

Love it so much

Jess Dixon said...

Holy moly this look took my breath away!