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December 27, 2014


Asos crop top, pleather skirt (similar here or here), New Balance from Platypus Sneakers
Shortly arriving back from Sydney a couple of months ago, Carolyn and I had decided to shoot together again. I was really excited since our first collaboration was a success. However, as opposed to the previous shoot, with its theme being more magical and elegant, we wanted to try something a little different and decided on a casual, street/ urban vibe.  
Striped dress c/o Junk Clothing, Sheer white top (similar here), leather jacket (similar here or here)
It was an eventful afternoon to say the least. We headed to three different locations around Adelaide's CBD: a tennis court, skate park, and to the new research centre that visually looks like a gigantic cheese grater. Undergoing three outfit changes in the car, that is publicly parked on the streets is always a great way to test how fast I can change without having a pedestrian walk past... Luckily I didn't end up incorporating skinny jeans into the outfits as it would've been such a pain to it take on and off when sitting down.
Denim shirt (similer here or here), White shorts (similar here or here), Old Skools c/o Platypus Sneakers
Photography by Carolyn Do
If you weren't aware, I have yet to work with many professional photographers. Most of the time, it is my little sister or close friend who kindly act as photographer for the day. I know that I have been blogging and taking photos of myself for almost four years, yet I always end up being shy in front of other people's cameras. Is anyone on the same boat?  

However, when I was on set with Carolyn, it reminded me as to why your life is so much easier when working with a photographer. Firstly, you learn a lot from them. For example, I admire their patience to take hundreds of photos in all different angles until they find 'the one' (i.e. the perfect shot). Consequently, I don't have to worry whether he or she has captured the 'right' shots, or that I will have to spend time on Photoshop or Lightroom the following night to edit the selective images.
Secondly, you feel less stressed. When I am shooting with my friends for example, I am in a position of having total creative control. I style myself, I pick the location, and I direct my friend as to how I want the photos to be taken. This can actually be a very tedious process if the lighting is not right, or if the background does not complement the outfit, and in that case, we unfortunately have to drag ourselves to a new location (usually a 10 step walk, but yes). Lastly, these photographers have a better camera + lens than me, and hey, who doesn't love clearer images? Thus these are my quick reasonings as to why collaborating with a photographer is awesome.

P.S. Seeing as though it has been months since these photos were taken, I miss my hair colour, again. At the same time, I want a change but I've got no idea what I should do to it... Perhaps ash grey?

P.P.S. I wished you all had a Merry Christmas!
Jody x


Michelle Lock said...

Cute photos! I always feel really awkward/nervous around other people when they take my photo even though I don't when my boyfriend takes them >_>


Constantina Chanioti said...
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Constantina Chanioti said...

I know, I feel exactly the same in front of other people's cameras! Loved your aoutfit! :)

Vonny said...

i like the first outfit so much :) love that asos crop shirt

Vivian Yuen said...

Ash grey hair would be a dream! Desperately wanting to dye my hair grey! Loving these looks, and so brave to change in a car ;)



Anja Ge said...

I like a lot the first look! Trainers are gorgeous.
Have a Happy New Year!