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November 12, 2014


Thanks to the sweethearts from Miss Guided, I present to you my second look from the Nicole x Miss Guided collection. To minimise any confusion- yes, I have worn the dress version of this glittery top here. What can I say? I am a sucker for all- things shiny...
Top and skirt c/o Miss Guided 
Photos by Karen Nguyen
Ah, and hello to you too. I have once again, been under the radar in terms of updating the blog due to the significant amount of assignments that I have to constantly complete. To give you a little overview of my past week, I have either been sleeping for hours, taking in a lot of caffeine, then visiting my bittersweet friend, Microsoft Word. It's hard to complain though, especially when you select courses like Law and Media where the assessments revolve around doing assignments... Besides Law exams, I can't remember the last time I had to sit in a room and do a test. 

In the midst of writing this article, my stress levels and throbbing headache has temporarily stopped (key word: temporarily), since this form of procrastination is something I genuinely enjoy. Moreover, little reiterations like this help drastically, for when I do need some motivation to blog. Nevertheless, I have a lottttttt of things planned for this blog but won't be doing anything until next week, as that is when I'll officially be on holidays! Feeling stoked is definitely an understatement. However, I can't do much until these essays are handed up so, until then...
Jody x


Andrijana Bozic said...

Lovely outfit.
I understand you about busy days you have. But, comeone, you are amazing blogger, don't give up ever! :)


Curvy Claudia said...


Michelle Lock said...

Take it easy with the assignments! I love your hair :)


Lan said...

you look beautiful <3


Forestdoll said...

You look so classy! I love your top! <3


Andrea Ryan said...

This outfit is beautiful!