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August 30, 2014

Winter Blooming

With spring just around the corner, my imagination is deep in thought realising that summer is therefore, fast approaching. I do love my winter, but seriously, I'm craving for warmer weather. Tanner skin, regular beach trips, daylight at 8pm, not having to worry about bringing a jacket are just a few, mere examples of the summer perks that I currently lust for. Actually, that would also mean that I would get a longer time frame to do blog shoots. Double yes to summer then. 

Another thing that I can't wait for is my next hair appointment. I am starting to get sick of this resulting colour that keeps appearing, irrespective of what hair dye I had used beforehand. I even have impulse moments where I feel that it is finally time to cut my hair short, or it's just a reason to get rid of all the split ends that I have created. Luckily (or not), those moments don't last too long as I end up reminding myself of how young I'll look with short hair. 

Uniqlo shirt (Similar here or here), Motel trousers (similar here or here), Asos heels (similar here or here)
Photos by Jing Khuu

It didn't even occur to me until I was editing these shots that my outfit's colour palette matched the background's setting. I quite like the soft hues as it portrays a very elegant, yet feminine feel to the overall images. This outfit could almost fall under the category of corporate workwear, or what I would like to refer to it as "slouchy chic". Alright, I just made that combination of terms up to try and describe this outfit as I most certainly did not wear this to work. Instead, I ventured to the Adelaide Central Market for some pasta at Lucia's straight after taking these photos. Eating out is definitely one of my weaknesses if you hadn't already figured it out. 
Jody x


JULES said...

Argh!!! So cute! love this combi,
it looks so effortlessly chic!! :)
always pair clothes with nice heels for an instant lift

xoxo, jUles
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Estee Mana said...

beautiful. i love gingham

Shannon Marie said...

Really cute outfit :) you look amazing! And the photographs themselves are just beautiful!

Schnella Blog

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit and the photos :)


Vivian Yuen said...

Fab trousers! So office appropriate and chic~



Anja Ge said...

I so love this pants! <333