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August 5, 2014

Old Skool

Undeniably, I don't seem to ever dress appropriately to cater to Adelaide's winter weather.  I'd say it was probably thirteen degrees (Celsius) on the day I decide to wear a skirt, with a baggy sweater as the top.  Okay, in my defence, I'm not that terrible, I did bring a coat along as well. However, I did feel a little apologetic towards my legs, as they were slowly outraged to see visible goose bumps when the sun went down. (And to think that people in Sydney complained that their winter is cold - mind you, it was around 17- 18 degrees when I was there). We shot these photos in a small, and somewhat hidden road before hitting Central Markets to stock up on a lot of fruits and market essentials. Don't ask me what my market essentials are as they seem to just always be something along the lines of .... food.... Mmmmmmm (I had to say no to ice- cream this time).

(How I'd look if photos were to be taken from the other side of my face profile. All that you will be seeing is a lot of hair).

Elephant choker c/o SeventhSunStore, Grey sweater c/o Junk, navy pencil skirt (similar here or here), Vans Old Skool c/o Platypus Shoes
Photos by Jing Khuu

I am constantly battling against myself with the reoccurring mentality of knowing that I don't need another pair of shoes, yet I buy it anyway because, well, I don't have that pair. Maybe it is because I work at a sneaker store that I am constantly frothing over sneakers, or the fact that I know how practical they are in terms of comfort. The Old Skools are a new favourite. Once upon a time ago, I would never take second glances at the shoe, for rookie reasons of not realising how aesthetically beautiful these look when worn on. Please say you agree with the latter. 
P.s. Feel free to communicate with me on here. I get lonely, sometimes. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
Jody x


Daniella said...

Cool outfit :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit! Totally can't tell you were freezing in that outfit :)


Rosa DYN said...

Don't feel lonely on twitter. Unfortunately I don't really use twitter very often. But I hope people shower you with love there! The weather in Sydney has been weird, it was 8 degrees the other afternoon. And the next day it was too warm to wear a coat!


Anonymous said...

Could you do more outfits with the Old Skool Vans? I have the same pair and I barely wear them because I'm not sure what to wear with them!