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August 20, 2014

Agent Provocateur's Adelaide Launch Night

Images by Jody Nguyen
It has almost been a month since I attended the launch and celebration of Agent Provocateur's first boutique in Adelaide, located on the lower ground of David Jone's newly- renovated floor. (It is always better late, than never, right?)

Upon arrival, we were greeted with appetising canapés (my favourite being the chocolate- dipped strawberries, which are unfortunately not pictured in this post as I consumed it within seconds), and multiple rounds of drinks. 

The classic, British brand did not disappoint. Despite the somewhat 'cosy' location, it was quickly flooded with local VIPs who were enticed by the luxurious options that were available- ranging from delicate lingeries, bold swimwear to fancy accessories. 

Alongside the mannequins, there were two gorgeous lingerie models who underwent three outfit changes throughout the night to showcase what Agent Provocateur has to offer. It was a proud moment when one of them happened to be a close co- worker of mine. I could not help but constantly display a slight giggle of happiness whenever I walked past her. Such a babe. 

Overall, it was a successful night seeing the range within an intimate setting. If you're feeling feminine for the night, or want to treat yourself to some high- end comfort, you will know where to go.
Photo courtesy of Fashion Global
As I was too caught up capturing images, holding the camera in one hand, and a glass on the other, above is the only photo that was taken with the talented team behind Fashion Global. For the interested ones out there who want to clearly see what I wore for the night, you can view this post.

P.s. If you have been following my blog for a while, you would be aware that I do not normally write about the launches and events that I attend. Honestly, I do not have a genuine explanation as to why that is the case. Nevertheless, that indolent mindset has changed and I will ensure that there will be more of these write- ups, to strike a balance between the constant outfit posts that are published on here. Moreover, I believe it will give you, as the reader, a greater perspective into what actually goes on during such events that are exclusive to invites- only. Another positive reason to doing this is that it will yield me a great opportunity to be the photographer with my camera and lens, as it is something that I have not continued to practice in a long time. Sounds like a good plan?
Jody x


Andrijana Bozic said...



Vivian Yuen said...

Lovely photos, please do write more on the events and functions you attend!



Dian Yuliasari said...

I think that such as a great plan. I think we blog because we wanna share our ideas. So, balance is exactly what you need :)

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stevenjared0853 said...

That’s a wonderful post! I loved reading about this event. Usually I don’t attend such events and prefer to attend corporate events. Never realized what I missed by not attending such events as had complete fun with friends in one such event last month.

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