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July 29, 2014


Here's a little something that we shot before attending the Agent Provocateur launch at David Jones last Thursday night. (Launch updates will be up soon). For practicability reasons as I had work earlier that day, I decided to dress down this delicate black and white gem with some cut- out boots for a more casual look. Alternatively, I've worn this dress before with some simple, white heels for a more formal vibe (despite the shoes not being pictured in that link... Ooops). I love anything neoprene, so this dress was immediately a favourite pick of mine from Rosa House Boutique. Thanks girly! 

Shakuhachi dress, and Senso boots c/o Rosa House Boutique
Photos by Jing Khuu
It was actually an amazing feeling to be back on track with blogging and working, as well as being able to take proper outfit shots again when I came back from my short holiday in Sydney. Yet, after staying in Adelaide for just a week, I end up finding myself back in Sydney again for a few more days. Hopefully this is a good reason (and excuse) for the constant food updates up on my Instagram. (Yes, I do realise that I've been consuming a lotttt of food, good food at least, throughout my three to four weeks of uni break). I'll definitely be detoxing/ eating more of mum's home- cooked meals when I am back. I've miss it. I hope you've liked this update, whilst I'm off to eat again. Haha.
P.s. It looks like my hair needs to be re- touched again... Sigh.
Jody x


Vivian Yuen said...

Such a lovely dress, so cute with those booties~



Sten . said...

Did you know you have the loveliest smile? Have a nice day! xo

bon. said...

i thought i saw you at the launch but wasn't 100% it was you!! great outfit, hope you had fun on the night.

bon x