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June 6, 2014

Out and About

Karen Walker sunglasses, Zara coat (similar here), Two Sisters dress, Zara heels (similar here or here)
Two Sisters off- shoulder top, Nobody cult skinny jeans, Sportsgirl heels, Forever New clutch
Thrifted houndstooth blouse, Two Sisters sheer sweater, Evil Twin dress (worn as a skirt), Wittner boots (similar here or here)
Karen Walker sunglasses, Two Sisters sheer sweater, One Teaspoon boyfriend jeans (similar here), Sportsgirl heels
All photos by Saran
These are a compilation of my favourite photos from a recent campaign shoot that I styled and modelled for with Two Sisters Clothing. As opposed to doing the usual 'one outfit per post' trend, it seemed a lot easier and more appropriate (due to the lack of updates lately) to aggregate everything into one. 
I actually enjoy wearing the clothes from Two Sisters. You're probably wondering why I'm saying this - shouldn't I 'enjoy' all the clothes that I post on here? And to answer your question, yes I do. Personally, I would describe this emerging label to be quite feminine, and glamorous. I would not usually think about wearing some of their apparel just because I have long moved away from looking too girly. As such, I love being challenged to emerge outside my comfort zone, to wear items that aren't usually my style, and therefore incorporate the pieces to make it 'me' in an effortless manner. I remember a quote that my friend showed me, "Great things never come from comfort zones". Whilst I am talking about personal style and trends, I believe it's a great analogy for how we should approach endeavours in life - to go a little further and stretch that imaginary, safe zone of yours. (I get all these life thoughts during the midst of early mornings, mind you, it's currently 3:31 am).
On another note, I've been trying to allocate days throughout the week to shoot some recent outfits that I've been wearing lately. However due to difficulties - whether it's uni or work commitments/ the fact that the sun goes down by 4-5 pm (before the usual person is free to do anything personal), I therefore haven't been able to blog as regularly as I would like to be. I really am apologetic for the somewhat slower updates! Nevertheless, this issue has always been on the back of my mind and I am trying to work my way around it. And yes, for the love and my passion to keep the blog running on a regular basis, I have been planning to wake up earlier during the day to take photos, if that's the only option that I'm faced with.
Above all, I've been doing a lot of planning in regards to finding a new blog layout. If you know/ can refer me to a web designer then that would be fabulous! Thank you for reading my lengthy post (if you've made it this far) and I hope you enjoy the different outfit visuals. Have a wonderful weekend!
Jody x


Ly said...

You're so beautiful!!! *-*
Love that blue dress! :))

xxx, Ly
City Talk

Maeva said...

Beautiful outfits! That blue dress is gorgeous... Lovingt this bright colour xx