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June 19, 2014

Evening Strolls

Table Eight coat (similar here), American Apparel velvet crop top (similar here), Skirt c/o CarrislabelleAsos pointed heels
Photos by Jing Khuu
On days that I plan to take outfit visuals for the blog, seeing the sun rapidly settling down is quite a stressful sight. I much prefer capturing photos using the sun's natural light, as it seems to perform magical effects on its own. Unfortunately, plans don't always go my way. My friend and I decided to shoot anyway, and the final results weren't in any way disappointing. The bokeh effect from the cars driving in the background, and the warm colour tone yields a nice, autumn vibe to the feminine outfit. I must say that you can never go wrong with a royal red, midi skirt, an oversized coat, draped over as a cape (i.e. a blanket), and a big statement necklace to polish the entire look. 
Nevertheless, posing alongside a busy road in the CBD, during peak hour means you have to endure a lot (and I mean it was nearing an excessive amount) of confusion and stares as drivers are passing by. Great news is that my care factor is zero.
Also, I know I am extremely slow on this, but I am finally starting to shoot my images in RAW, as opposed to JPEG. Hooray. If only I have done this earlier... Anyway, I hope you fancied this new update whilst I continue to bury myself amongst these Contract notes.
Jody x


Andrea Bennett said...

You look great. Pretty skirt and statement necklace :)

Vivian Yuen said...

Very recently switched to RAW too! Love this look, very glam~



Rosa DYN said...

This particularly outfit is so elegance and graceful. And I know what you mean, I much prefer taking photos in the day than to have to jack up the ISO for night photos and to up the contrast to create an illusion that they aren't blurry. But the streetside photos did turn out beautiful none the less.


Doll Actitud Sabrina said...

amazing mix! xoxo


Brenda evans said...

you are so gorg! and the colors of ur outfit are so elegant <3