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May 19, 2014

Seasonal Favourites

Seasons change, and most times, your wardrobes naturally transitions to correspond with the changing weather. However, it does creates some level of difficulty when you're trying to identify what statements you need for that season. As such, Lenny, an online fashion boutique based in Adelaide and I have collaborated to come up with four must- have pieces for the season as a general guide for you. I've incorporated each piece into three outfits to show alternative ways of styling these versatile items. Let us begin...
American Apparel top, Lenny blazer & boyfriend jeans, Zara heels
Photos by Karen Nguyen
The first key piece is denim. You could go for the skinny, blue/ black denim look, or stand out a little with a white pair of boyfriend jeans. (I love that they're called 'boyfriend' jeans- your boyfriend wears this?!) I must admit that I am creeping towards an obsession with the white ones, seeing as though there are a couple that are currently hanging in my wardrobe. Initially I wasn't too comfortable with the thought of wearing baggy denim on my legs as I'm so use to wearing skinny pairs every other time. I know many girls would empathise with me on this. However that past mindset has changed as I now love the baggy look. Better yet, the excessive ripped on these jeans accentuates the "I don't care" look. 
The next piece was a blazer, a tartan blazer. My guess is that you will eventually see tartan everywhere. And instead of wearing the blazer in its traditional way, I've decided to abuse the print as an accessory by tying it around my waist for that 90's vibe.
And whilst I could've worn sneakers with this outfit for that total sport luxe look, I chose to wear my favourite pair of white heels instead for a feminine touch. 
Lenny top, Karla Spetic pants c/o Rosa House Boutique, Boots c/o Miss Guided
Photos by Karen Nguyen
The third item was a striped top. Hooray! (Mind me, I get a little excited when stripes are the topic of conversation, even though I am technically talking to myself- ouch). Sometimes, I get a little scared finding myself buying another pair of striped apparel but seriously, I shouldn't be. Stripes, among a few other things, are timeless. 

Lenny romper, Sass and Bide bralet, Windsorsmith platforms
Photos by Karen Nguyen
Everyone knows you need an LBD. But you can't go wrong with having other black options. As such, the final piece was a black romper, with subtle, sheer sleeves, and a deep V- neck. Due to not having double D bust (lol jk), I wore this romper with a thin bralet underneath and some chunky platforms. (Bralets are one of my favourite go-to pieces when it comes to styling pieces with deep v necks, or sheer shirts e.g here). Looks like I'm set for a girl's night out with some sangria.


The Fashann Monster said...

I love the last look. You can never go wrong with all black & it makes for the perfect after dark looks.

The Fashann Monster

Vivian Yuen said...

The black romper looks amazing on you! Loving the metallic boots as well~




you look stunning! great choices.

Jenelle Witty said...

They have some great pieces for everyday. You girls look like yo had fun taking the photos! ;) hope all is well. xx Jenelle

Joanna Kr said...

Love your outfit!

ann.gie said...

the LBD deeply cut out is so perfect and together with heavy shoes makes perfect mix for summer night out! great inspiration!

Tom Cameron said...

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