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May 13, 2014

Hidden Cameras

Whenever my daily errands revolve around working or studying at uni, I am always opting for maximum comfort. Unfortunately that means that I don't get to regularly wear heels unless I'm going to a special event, as it is obviously impractical to wear such footwear on a daily basis. (Not to mention the fact that I would then have to carry an extra pair of shoes, in case of an emergency- e.g.  Help... I can't walk another step). Thus, sneakers are slowly (at least I hope it's slowly) growing in my shoe collection. I am constantly lusting over New Balance kicks irrespective of my mind reminding me, "Jody, you don't need anymore sneakers, if you do want more shoes - go buy some ankle boots or flats". Ah... flats. Can you believe that I don't even own a single pair of flats anymore? I really need to get my priorities straight. Yup, I need to study. 
Dress c/o Two Sisters, Nike roshes
Photos by Saran
I wanted to dress down this corporate- styled dress with my newest Nike addition. I do believe that you can twist office wear into a sports luxe look if you do it within realms of limitations. (I don't personally support that 'trend' whereby a lady is wearing actual running shoes with office wear- think tight fitting skirts and a blouse to work...)
And as we were on this shoe topic, to be quite honest, I am getting sick of seeing roshes everywhere. Also, yes I am aware that I am being the biggest hypocrite as I've just purchased a pair. To justify to myself as to why this pair is an exception- it literally goes with so many outfits. I just think it is time that I start styling more of my future outfits with other sneaker brands when the opportunity arises.


Anonymous said...

nice dress! in my latest outfit post i'm wearing a similar one. :D x

kayla marie said...

super cute.

Daniella said...

Great look :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Vivian Yuen said...

I have the same Roshes! They are so comfortable, I haven't worn anything else in weeks.



bon. said...

love the black nikes :)

bon x

Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

look really pretty!
love your sneakers!


Anonymous said...

Hey Silkybow,
Just to let you know, there's a pretty big chance that most of the women you've seen following this so-called trend of wearing runners with corporate attire are just wearing those shoes to get to and from the office, where they switch their runners for heels.
Unless it's just your area where they actually wear runners in the office, but it most likely isn't. :)

Anne | mz Didi said...

Love your coordinate!
Although I have to agree with comment posted earlier in regards to the "trend" you speak of...It's not really a trend...it's something that has happened for a while. Maybe you've just noticed it recently? Many office women wear runners while commuting. Whilst it's not exactly fashionable it certainly is more comfortable =)