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May 5, 2014

Celebratory Colours and an Announcement

It's been a long time since I've worn a red dress. My last memory of one was the one that I wore for my Year 12 graduation, which still hangs beautifully in my wardrobe with no use whatsoever. ha. This gorgeous, skater dress on the other hand, with a little twist: acquiring an asymmetric cut at the bottom, is the perfect design for any semi- formal occasion. I wanted to keep the accessories to a minimal, hence the nude heels and clutch, to allow the vibrant, red colour of the dress shine for itself.

Dress c/o Two Sisters, Tony Bianco heels, Colette clutch
Photos by Saran
Now for an exciting announcement! I will officially be one of the models and stylist for Two Sisters, an emerging Adelaide- based label focusing on womenswear. As such, I will be regularly incorporating their latest items into my personal style.
Last Sunday, we teamed up with Saran, an amazing photographer to capture these photos on Melbourne Street. I must admit that it was an interesting experience. I couldn't help but laugh a majority of the time, as I'm instructed to walk slowly up and down the streets, whilst knowing that cars driving past are watching me in absolute confusion or hilarity. Who cares right? I don't. I spent three hours that morning, posing, whilst walking across crossings with cars watching me from a close proximity as I'm stopping traffic. It was all worth it in the end.

I'm currently feeling sluggish, ill, and have been stuck in bed for over fifteen hours. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from writing a new blog post tonight, or continuing to strive forward for the rest of this week. Moreover, my week did start off with a bang, when Michael Buble and his family came into my work and bought a few items. It was such an honour. (HE ALSO HELD MY PHONE AND TOOK A SELFIE WITH ME). Week made.


♥ Natalie said...

Red suits you soooo perfectly! <3 Love it on you! Beautiful dress.

stillchasingforever said...

I love your dress and the colour really suits you! All in all, this is a perfect outfit! <3


Ishna said...

It's been quite a while since I last visited your blog, can't help notice how much you've grown. :) You look absolutely stunning in red.

Rosa Danyen Nguyen said...

OMGOSHHH so lucky to just casually meet Michael Buble ! And you are so stunning, I'm sore your modeling and stylist ideas will just kick off from here.