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March 28, 2014

Check Point

It is without a doubt that one of my favourite purchases of the moment goes to this monochromatic skirt, with it's asymmetric cut and bold, grid pattern. Quite coincidentally too, my undergarment (from Sass and Bide - if you were wondering) matched the skirt so well that it needed to be visible. I figured a navy, sheer blouse would be the perfect solution to give the outfit an overall, subtle intimate vibe, whilst still being somewhat conservative from afar. 
Navy blouse, Finders Keepers skirt, Windsorsmith heels
Photos by Vivian Nguyen
There's beauty in everything. As my friend and I were exploring new side streets for a location to shoot these photos, I came to the realisation that I avidly follow this quote without even being conscious of it. (Of course, this is only one mere example and context of how I would interpret this meaningful and powerful line). We would aimlessly walk around and try to find beauty, even in the darkest, or dirtiest alleyways that will complement the outfit.
If you personally know me, I can get really excited over the smallest things. Most times, I have an extremely, cheesy smile on my face when I do find a beautiful location in areas that I wouldn't usually go to. Then you might be asking, what's so beautiful about these grey- looking brick walls? To be quite frank, I wouldn't be able to explain it to you but I was definitely delighted when I did find this fantastic spot. It is up to you as to how you would interpret the word "beauty", as there is never a definite answer to what (or who) is beautiful. 


Curvy Claudia said...

Great Look!

Milex said...

Vivian Yuen said...

Amazing geometric print! And it's a lovely brick wall to shoot at ;)



Style Me Endless said...

You skirt is beautiful and so is this whole look! Great post :)