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February 14, 2014

Licorice Candy

Another outfit where I'm showcasing the monochromatic trend. I've been lusting over these black, monstrous heels and am so glad to have them in my life. The pink beret on the other hand, which I had unintentionally found in my wardrobe was in the perfect shade to help bring out some colour to this outfit. Can't help but assume my winter wardrobe will slowly consists of mostly neutral tones. You can't blame me right? It's those shades that are perennial in anyone's wardrobe. HENCE, the greatest investments.
Vanishing elephant tank, Skirt c/o Beginning Boutique, Windsorsmith heels
Photos by Karen Nguyen
I don't do much to my hair. It's either straight, wavy or curled for days. Consequently, I've even received special requests to do outfit posts with my hair tied up. If you've ever wondered as to why I rarely have my hair up, here's the reason: I went to an all- girls school for five years where it was compulsory to have your hair up. Yes, you could say that I felt divested from leaving my hair down, thus any opportunity that I have (which is pretty much everyday), it is down. However, I am slowly playing around with hats and hair accessories again. Who wouldn't, when these awesome accessories will give any outfit a special touch, especially when you've realised that you've ran out of dry shampoo, and have no time to wash your hair. Ah, bless dry shampoo.  


Bian Sifredi said...

That skirt is perfect.
Bian, Mortem Blonde

ANNIE said...

soooo cute!
i love your beret <3

Vivian Yuen said...

Intense shoe envy! Love huge platforms!



The Fashann Monster said...

I’ve been looking for those heels in white everywhere. I’ve seen people wearing them on instagram but every store I go to I’m informed that I mist have imagined the white shade. I know there out there somewhere! But if I can’t find them I’ll get black because they are gorgeous. I also never tie my hair up. But that’s just because I’m lazy haha

The Fashann Monster

Rosa Danyen Nguyen said...

I didn't realise schools are getting so strict nowadays with hair. You can keep having your hair down as much as you want!!


yona l said...

Awesome investment indeed!
Also not only did the pink beret calm the monochrome look but it contributed to v-day. So cutee <33

Although monstrous, your heels are just so adorable. I personally don't have the cuts to wear them uu

Maria Angela Catan said...

pretty outfit!


Way2dress said...

Fantastic Blog! I want to borrow your skit! www.way2dress.blogspot.com