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February 23, 2014


I've been falling in love with the Brisbane based designer, Ringuet, for its' alluring garments, showcasing vivid prints on each individual piece. This crop top is one of many that will be featured in my upcoming posts, thanks to Rosa House Boutique. Moreover, I find that Benjamin (Ringuet) knows how to design clothes that especially flatter the female body. As I was opting for an evening approach, I paired the crop with Chelsea Eve's (an Adelaide based label) quilted mini skirt and some strappy, black heels. 
Ringuet crop c/o Rosa House Boutique, Quilted skirt c/o Chelsea Eve, Tony Bianco heels
Photos by Jing Khuu

On an entirely different note, I quite enjoy the nautical background- something different to the usual city landscape. And if it wasn't obvious enough, the wind was not doing me any favour during the shoot as my hair was all over the place. However, once the photos were processed onto my laptop, the final outcome wasn't so terrible after all. I suppose this is the one time where overly, messed up hair is acceptable on da Silky Bow blog.
P.s Uni is next week. How did four months of holidays fly by so quickly?


Rosa Danyen Nguyen said...

Your facial expression remained claim despite the looking of the wind blowing into your eye so often. It's so great seeing Australian Designers being appreciated for their work. Gotta keep the economy at home!


Lizzie ♥ said...

I'm in love with that skirt! Has a lovely texture on it. I've been seeing more and more similar 'wrap' designs for skirts... It's really interesting!

Hadrien Leite said...

Super cool pics!
Very nice outfit

Vivian Le said...

In love with your skirt! You look beautiful in it :)

Gillian Uang said...

Your skirt is amazing <3


LAURA said...

you're so pretty Jodie!! love the skirt! and I have the same heels as you now!

Laura x


Vivian Yuen said...

Killer heels hun!



Marta said...

I really love this outfit, and that skirt is so pretty :)