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February 4, 2014

Faded Shades

Adelaide has been experiencing extreme summer heat waves. I had dim sum on Sunday when it was forty three degrees for brunch, and every minute that I was exposed to the sun, I wanted to melt or teleport to the nearest beach. Fortunately, a trip to chatime for some bubble tea made the day somewhat more bearable. Moreover, on Friday I went to Big Day Out with the weather again, being in the fortys. Imagine this: you're stuck in a large room (with great music), crowded with people sweating all over as they're dancing or fist pumping in the air. What do you get? A room that smells like crap and was equivalent to a sauna. Irrespective of all those factors, I had the time of my life being able to see some fantastic acts such as Arcade Fire, Flume and Major Lazer. 
Karen Walker sunglasses, Muscle tee c/o Miss Guided, American Apparel shorts, Tony Bianco 'Kailen' heels
Photos by Karen Nguyen
This is one of my favourite go- to summer outfits. I love anything high- waisted and am slowly falling in love with anything with a high neckline. This ensemble could easily be worn with a pair of sneakers for a more casual and sporty luxe look. However I opted for a more feminine approach with these black heels instead. The versatility and options with this outfit is endless, so if you're ever stuck with what to wear on a warm day, here's an easy option!
Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic week! x 


Rosa Danyen Nguyen said...

You can always rely on Chatime, or Easyway for a refreshing cool iced tea during the Summer Heat. I wish I spent more time at the beach this Summer Season. And the most annoying part about summer heat waves is when it strikes right before you wake up and you're just tangled in your blanket trying to escape.


Izzy Bea said...

I love a high neckline too! Especially with a flirty drop arm hole. A great twist on a classic outfit :)

Vivian Le said...

Your shoes are gorgeous! Goes very well with the whole outfit :)


your shorts are lovely! perfect outfit for hot summer days!

Vivian Yuen said...

Killer heels! Love that denim on you~



Ken said...

love the shoesss~!

hi! long time no talk~!


Terri said...

Great outfit :)