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January 22, 2014

Melbourne Photo Diary

A few months back, my two friends and I spontaneously went to Melbourne for a week. I have decided to publicly document what we did on a day to day basis as a general guide, which may be helpful if you're planning to visit Melbourne anytime in the near future.
Our first brunch in Melbourne was at the infamous "The Hardware Societe", located on Hardware St. It's a really cute cafe that I would recommend. Something interesting that I learnt from that day was that people in Melbourne refer to Chai Lattes as Dirty Chais. 

Sportsgirl denim jacket, American Apparel velvet crop top & maxi skirt

After spending the entire day shopping and browsing through all the outlet stores at South Wharf DFO, we had dinner at "Hwaro Korean BBQ", on Little Bourke St. I didn't think much of it before but after watching a Korean drama called, "The Heirs", I realised how common it is for traditional Korean restaurants to install a graffiti wall where you're able to write little messages on it. Unfortunately I didn't get to leave my mark on this masterpiece. As for the food, it was ah-ma-zing, and the peach soju was great too. 

Sportsgirl coat, American Apparel denim shirt, Black Milk leggings, Nike free runs

The next day we visited another brunch cafe, "Manchester Press", situated in Rankins Lane. Did I mention that pretty much all the lanes, including the tiniest lanes in Melbourne had a name? It was pretty funny because in Adelaide, such lanes would have no recognition whatsoever. It was another one of my favourite places to eat at, and their pulled pork, sesame seed bagel was fantastic. Moreover, their trendy store layout and Aesop soaps in their bathrooms are more reasons as to why I would highly recommend this cafe. Actually, another quirky feature of this cafe was that whilst waiting for a spot to eat inside (because you know, in Melbourne, there is a lineup for every restaurant), a worker would write your name with chalk on the bricks next to the door. It's actually a cute idea. 

Melbourne is known for their shopping and shopping on Chapel St was heaven. We spent the whole day all feeling like we had completed a massive cardio/ lifting workout when really, all we did was walk for long hours with a crazy amount of shopping bags in both hands. 

For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant in Richmond called "Maedaya". The place seemed really popular and it was an interesting experience to order food through an electronic tablet. We had great expectations at this place as we were really famished and tired from all the shopping. Unfortunately, we weren't in any way satisfied with the quality of the food. If anything, "Maedaya" made us miss "Wasai" back in Adelaide more than anything, where the food is actually of a high standard. Thus, we ended the night with some froyo at a nearby store to cheer us up. 

The following day we had toasted sandwiches for brunch at a small, little cafe called "Sunny Boy Cafe". In comparison to the previous two days, this place was nothing spectacular but nonetheless, it was still great during lunch hour.
Bardot blazer, Grey tee c/o Junk clothing, Witchery jeans, Sole sandals
After having brunch, we visited Chadstone for yet, another shopping day. It was actually quite fun looking through the majority of high end brands, which Adelaide is completely deprived of. Note to everyone: never visit Adelaide to shop! 

In regards to the photo on the right, I honestly had no idea who they were or what they were promoting. They just wanted to be in the photo when they noticed my friend  was attempting to take a photo of me. 

Cameo cape, Striped tee, American Apparel disco pants, Sole sneakers

Whilst I was in Melbourne, I realised that my cousins from Perth were also visiting Melbourne and fortunately, we had some time to meet up before they flew back that night. We spent the day exploring the CBD, mainly on Bourke St and eating a lot of food. Cute cousin bonding times.

Passion Flower, Bourke St.

The next day, my friends and I decided to explore more of Melbourne's CBD and China town. From memory, my friend was suffering a heavy hangover (hahah!) from the night before so we resorted to eating dim sum for lunch at "Golden Dragon Palace". Whilst the food was quite delicious, the customer service was extremely poor. Not sure if I would recommend this place or not to be honest.
We had dinner at the amazing "Meat Wine & Co". before checking out Crown Casino and Galactic Circus. I loved the classy ambiance of the restaurant.  

I know that I keep saying that almost every restaurant/ cafe that I visited was my favourite, but this place is a must! It's called "Brown Bagels" on Collins St, owned by Koreans. Thus, their brunch bagels had a slight Asian twist with a special choice of spicy pork bagels, in contrast to the usual smoked salmon/ pulled pork fillings. It was most certainly mouth watering and scrumptious. 

For dinner, we got to finally try another infamous restaurant in the town, "Chin Chin". I was told by so many people to visit this place and I'm just glad that it's ticked off on my "Go- to" list. At Chin Chin, you cannot make a reservation. Thus, you have to physically go there, make a booking giving them your number and browse the city, or go downstairs for drinks to wait until there is space available. Unlucky for us, we had to wait for two hours as we went during dinner time. Idiots. As a result, we spent most of the waiting time exploring a few more little lane ways before sitting in Starbucks and playing with our phones like great socialites. The food was quite nice but didn't reach my expectations. With that being said, I did have extremely high hopes for it, but nevertheless, another great place to visit.
By the end of the trip, I was feeling rather sick because we all ate so damn much. Yet, I couldn't resist some Krispy Kremes at the airport and bought a six pack to take home... 
I hope you enjoyed my Melbourne diary, especially of all the food that I had eaten throughout the week. All of the photos were taken with my iPhone as I was too lazy to drag my heavy DSLR camera everywhere.  


Karen O said...
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Karen O said...

looks like you guys had a wonderful time. the food looks amazing!

karen, elashock.com

Rosa Nguyen said...

I've only ever gone to Melbourne to meet family and such, I never understood the hype to go Melbourne for the shopping or for a holiday. But I guess after reading countless vacation tales maybe I should do more than visiting my Aunts and go exploring..

Thanks for the guide, I'll think I'll bookmark this and look around when I'm their for a convention in April.



sweet trip, the food looks delicious!

TemporaryPrincess said...

Loved the Hardware cage when I went there a while back! This post makes me super hungry!


Sue said...

It's always interesting seeing a tourist perspective of my home city! You got a lot done and went to all the great food places :) x

Chezka Cenon said...

You wore some amazing outfits in Melbourne sweetie. Amazing pictures! Seems like a blast! :)

- Che


Anonymous said...

Where'd you get your bag from?

Ruby Rosa said...

waw ! look like having a great vacation there <3 love your outfit there hehe <3

Ruby and Rosa

Kristen Lam said...

ALL THAT FOOD. UGHHH I need to visit now.

kristenglam x adore me lingerie giveaway