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December 21, 2013

Hidden Closet

With Adelaide's weather reaching up to a crazy 44°C on Thursday, it is without a doubt that Australian summer is permanently here. I've been meaning to sport some pattern on pattern outfits and was flabbergasted when Martin from Junk Clothing, sent me their new lookbook which featured this gorgeous two- piece. He was ridiciously kind enough (as always) to send me a few more pieces from their recent lookbook that will appear on the blog very soon. Thankyouuuuuuuuu!
Top and skirt c/o Junk Clothing, Palladium Boots
Photos by Jing Khuu
I've had my eyes on these Palladium boots for quite some time and eventually caved in. It was a choice between these or a new pair of black Cons. Ultimately, I know that I'll end up with a new black pair of cons anyway but for the time being, I am satisfied. (I've actually made a few more online purchases, including shoes and apparel and will post them up on my Instagram when they arrive - keen as a been!). Don't we all yearn for new clothes every couple of weeks? I know I am guilty of this, even though it doesn't help that I'm trying to save some money. First world problems for sure. 
I had a fantastic time that day. Spent the first half of the day working, and the rest of the night at my University eating tacos, churros, shoe string fries, whilst drinking a fruit smoothie AND  seeing a free gig at my which starred Chet Faker, and Nina Las Vegas. So, how was your night? x    
(P.s. I made a mature decision on behalf of Adelaide's society and wore bike shorts underneath my skirt. If only a few others girls out there were as considerate as me!)


RDYN! said...

The matching top and skirt have such a beautiful pattern. So perfect for summer.

Vivian Yuen said...

Such a lovely coordinate, love how vibrant the colours are!



Frances Tracy Ambayec said...

I just love the print of your gorgeous two piece! It's really lovely on you! :)
-xoxo, FRANCES

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Rima Tambunan said...

love your top and skirt!

Noor W. said...

What a lovely two-piece! Perfect for Summer :D
I also have a crave for buying clothes every few weeks. There's just so much pretty things on webshops and I don't even need to go outside to be able to buy rather "unique" pieces :D (unique as in: nobody else I know shops at those webshops, and I've never seen somebody wear the same thing as me, while on the contrary when I buy something fro mH&M, a loooot of people wear it...)

Enjoy the warm weather and know that there are European people craving for some sunshine (;

xo Noor

Vanessa said...

Such a cute dress. *__*
Lovely greets Nessa

Asep Haryono said...

cute outfits for cute girl like you

Anonymous said...

i love your dress !! I am following you on Bloglovin , Facebook , instagram and twitter :) i tried to follow you on GFC but your widget is giving error :( I hope you follow back on others :) xx