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November 21, 2013

Shades of Red

Yes, you are correct, even my hair is fading to a colour that matches all my burgundy apparels. 
Bardot blazer, Acne tee, Skort c/o Miss Guided, Zara bag & heels
I couldn't help but get myself another one of these insanely popular skorts in a different colour. I am not wrong when I say it goes perfectly with a lot of assorted tops. I've been trying to get myself into wearing heels more often too, considering how neglected they usually are in my wardrobe. I purchased these gorgeous, yet simplistic heels at Zara whilst I was in Melbourne and couldn't be any happier with it.  

P.s. I am so grateful for all your blog comments and I sincerely apologise for not replying to them! I haven't had time to because of uni, exams, and work but I will definitely get around to visiting some of your blogs very soon xx


13 fridays said...

cute look!

The Fashann Monster said...

I seriously can't get enough of those skorts either, I only have one in black but they match almost everything. The red shade looks so luxe!

The Fashann Monster

rachel said...

you look great in dark red shades! your hair is gorgeous too x