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October 10, 2013


Oh boy, another monochromatic look from me again. Undoubtedly, this trend has got to be my all- time favourite during the A/W seasons. In all honesty though, I did love how this outfit turned out - the sheer maxi skirt combined with the different black and white layers, makes the overall appearance of this look a lot more interesting (and possibly confusing in my opinion).

Cameo Cape, sleeveless top, sheer skirt from Globalize, Windsor Smith boots
I have recently returned from my fantastic trip up in Melbourne and trust me when I say that I ate a lot of junk (which is evident through my Instagram). However, I had no regrets. Moreover, I am actually excited to incorporate all my new purchases from Melbourne into future outfit posts. 
Even though I was slightly experiencing some post- holiday depression once I landed back in quiet Adelaide, I was offered a new job and suddenly, I was happy again.  Yes, I am easily pleased.  
Unfortunately, despite all the excitements,  I came to the realisation whilst sitting in my Media tutorial that I only have five weeks of Uni left before the summer holidays begin. Say what? It's seriously crazy how fast this year has flew by... (I'm not ready to be a second year student yet). Furthermore, I am mentally stressed for these final assignments and upcoming exams, which I am also not ready for either...  Anyway, enough of this unnecessary rant from me, and I shall end this post by saying that I love Chapel St and Melbourne brunches in random alleys and laneways! x


Marie Zhang said...

I love your Cameo Cape. I wanted to get one weeks ago (but decided to wait for a few days before purchasing it), but it eventually went out of stock. So devastated.

By the way, I like how you put together this outfit. :')

RDYN! said...

Congratulations on scoring the new job. And don't worry second year is pretty much first year, just now since you've learnt more, you will be learning more advanced lessons!

Can't wait for you to compile a food post from Melbourne!

Milex said...

everything is just divine here.