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September 29, 2013

Twerk It

This is when elegance meets casual. Sometimes I am reluctant to wear this feminine dress, especially because the attached shoulder pads look too big on me. Luckily the perks of a slightly warmer winter day allows that you  can layer on a combination of different pieces, whilst still showing some bare skin.

Lace dress, thrifted striped blouse, Sportsgirl bomber jacket & heels
So it's currently mid-semester break for us uni kids. Unfortunately, instead of aborbing some vitamin D, or a summer's tan, I am stuck inside studying.. (Gotta love being a student). Nevertheless, I am excited to take a little break from Radelaide, and studying, and explore the Melbourne city this week. I shall be indulging in as much food as possible and for some odd reason, I am desperate to try Melbourne froyo.

1 comment:

RDYN! said...

Is it far from Adelaide to Melbourne.

I'm from Sydney, and any other aus capital city seems too far. And I've been to Melbourne, don't just have froyo on your wishlist, have all the foodies highlights! Hunt down a melbourne food blogger, and find all their favs!