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September 25, 2013


I'm back. After almost four weeks of not updating on the blog, I am back. I am sincerely apologetic to anyone who re-visited this blog throughout my random hiatus, and to only be disappointed to see the same post over and over again..
Lately, I love investing in timeless pieces for my wardrobe. You know, those statement pieces where you can always rely on when you're in a rush to go out for coffee or dinner? This cape is one of them, and it is by far one of my 'most worn' items lately. The cape can easily add a more feminine, yet sophisticated touch to any simple outfit. Although, many strangers tend to be confused and assume that the cape is attached to my top, and instead, we both encounter awkward conversations. For example...

Stranger: "Wow. I love your top".
Me: "Oh thankyou! Did you mean the cape, or the striped top?"
Stranger is confused...
Me: "These two pieces are separate".
Strange: "Ohhhhh, I like the cape!"
Me: "Yeah, I thought that's what you meant". :-)

Cameo 'Arthur' Cape, Striped top, pleather shorts c/o Beginning Boutique, Senso 'Isabelle' boots
Photos by Jing Khuu
I will be posting again soon, promise! x


RDYN! said...

Ohhh what a crazy coincidence, I went on a hiatus for a month too. So I missed out on missing you!
And its so nice to get compliments from strangers, though its not real life, I think your cape is pretty snazzy too!

janicecui said...

Pretty pretty pretty :D

Stefani said...

Such a cool and chic look! Love your cape!