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August 6, 2013

That Pencil Skirt

At last, I decided to take these crazy, huge, dangerous looking platforms out for a cruise. I have been reluctant to wear them for the longest time because I did not want to accidentally trip in public and make a complete fool out of myself.  However, after wearing these for a day, I've concluded that they're a lot more comfortable than what everyone thinks. Even though I would not suggest to anyone to wear them on uneven surfaces. But hey, they are fantastic weapons if anyone was creeping behind you right? 

Without a doubt, my wardrobe lacks pencil skirts. This may even be the first  pencil skirt that I have owned. I had a lot of fun styling this skirt because I could have easily dressed it in numerous ways. It is such a versatile piece that a lot of people forget about. In this particular outfit, I wanted to tone it down and incorporate an overall casual feel as contrast from the usual thoughts on these type of skirts, i.e. to only wear them during semi- formal occasions. 

As the weather was quite cold that day, I had to wear a jacket with this outfit. I could not make up my mind as to whether I liked the look with/ or without the jacket more. Which one do you prefer?
Sportsgirl jacket, Asos tee, Skirt c/o Junk, Topshop socks, Jeffrey Campbell Stingers
Thanks for reading! xoxo


Gabriella Olivia said...

you look gorgeous! I love your socks and I got the shoes ;D


Milex said...

you have my full admiration

Cindy Tang said...

I like the look without the jacket but either way you look funky as well as beautiful. Love how you can pull it off with those socks, so cute! xoxo

Maddy Whittaker said...

absolutely loving your blog! i love finding other bloggers from Adelaide, just followed you on blogger, bloglovin and insta! keep in touch lovely xx


Lin Chow said...

I love your socks with your outfit! Adds a pop of colour to it. Too cute :)


chloe_e said...

you're too freaking adorable!

à la foliee

Smirnova Maria said...

Amazing look! love your flatforms <3