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August 20, 2013


When an outfit that you're wearing feels too simple, layering is your best friend. Here I am channeling the 'tied shirt around the waist' look, something prominently popular during my younger years as a little, school girl. I can still remember regularly tying my fleece jumper around my waist, along with my straight-leg jeans (with holes on the knees) as I am running on the oval playing soccer. Those were the days... 

Choker necklaces and fine, thin rings are my current jewelry obsessions. I have been searching for a decent choker necklace for the past few months and stumbled upon this delicate one from eBay. 
Choker necklace from eBay, Absoulute sweater c/o Wish Designs, Asos overalls, thrifted checkered shirt, leather converse
Also, if it wasn't obvious enough from some of the above photos, then yes, I am wearing socks with my converse. Ever since I have discovered, Vans "Invisible socks", I can no longer return to wearing ankle socks with my sneakers. Maybe it's just me but I much prefer to expose the ankles as it looks a lot better that way. If you've never heard of it then I'd suggest for you to check some out. 
Lastly, thankyou for stumbling upon my blog and I hope you have a fantastic start to the week! xo


Daniella said...

Great look! Love the grungy styling, you have such a cool sense of style! :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Olivia said...

Cute look! I remember being little and tying my jumper around my waist. I think it's becoming a trend again! haha
Cute blog btw!
-Olivia. xx


rachel said...

love this! you look so cute x

Theresa said...

I really love the layering you did in this outfit!!


Frock and Kohl said...

Hiya thanks for your comment on my blog. Great look - very 90s grunge but still really stylish. Want to follow each other on Gfc, would live your support :-) x

Jessica said...

This is such a cute / grungy look. I was really happy that the shirt tied around the waist made a comeback! this is something that I would def try again...

Angel Feliciano said...

love this look :) grunge casual is <3


Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

Nice look! love your blog and style!
following you<3
Keep in touch yeah?!


Juliet said...

Totally in my style

ftashion said...

Hey great job with the layering! Thanx for dropping by our blog!

Fang Ting

Anonymous said...

It was so lovely meeting you at the launch today! You have amazing style ♥ I love this outfit post and loved your outfit today. Must organise that catch up with the 4 of us xxx

Mery Arbi said...

You look great!!!