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July 19, 2013

The Dark Side

Before I begin to write anything, I am going to spend a quick moment and laugh over my wishful promise, written two entries ago: ".. I will promise to update this blog as frequently as I can throughout the month". I am just going to leave it at that. 

I wanted to keep the styling to a minimal and let the dress speak for itself. I decided to wear my precious Hellbounds, even though they were slightly difficult to walk in on the slippery ground, and a necklace that I don't remember where from. 
Maxi dress c/o Junk, Unif Hellbounds
Photography by Jing Khuu
As soon as we were about to shoot this outfit, the heavy rain started to pour down. Yet moments beforehand, I was admiring the great sunshine. Both of us had to impatiently wait for the rain to stop, and laughed at how unlucky I can be sometimes. We ended up taking these photos with little rain but it wasn't too obvious anyway. Nevertheless, I did feel that the weather change complimented the overall grungy look of this outfit. Thanks rain!


박진아 said...

You look gorgeous! Loving the lip color as well.
Man, I'm 5"7 so when I even just wear mid heels, I soar above all of my guy friends... sigh. I wish I could wear some platforms.

Rachel Yeo said...

Even you look fantastic in the rain! Such a funky print on the maxi dress, love how you styled this piece.

LUCID STARS // Bloglovin'

rachel said...

beautiful dress! those shoes are incredible x