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July 30, 2013

Patterned and Pink

Amongst all the beautiful clothes from Casper&Pearl's, 'Girl Behind the Blue Door' collection, these two pieces caught my eye on the day of the shoot. 
I fell in love with the playsuit's vivid and bold pattern. Furthermore,  as I do have a soft spot for cut-out detailings, the cut-out at the front of the playsuit automatically moved it to the front of my 'favourites' list.

This was my second pick and last pick. One of the reasons as to why I chose this particular dress was because I love the colour pink, and especially, pastel pink. Actually, I can't even escape from this colour as the walls of my room are pink and a majority of the things inside my room is somewhat pink (including many pink pajamas). How many times did I just use the word 'pink'?
Nevertheless, the detailing at the front and the overall dress design is girly, yet also quite flirty, which is something that I was enchanted by. Moreover, this dress would definitely be cute to wear on a date, a birthday party/ formal occasion or a garden party.
On a whole different note, I slightly cringe whilst I look back at these photos. It made me question as to why I did not re-dye my hair during the time. I mean, look at all that re-growth. As a person with some hair experience (only half joking- I am no professional hair guru), if you have black hair and intend to dye your hair as light as my hair colour, then make sure that you are willing to constantly re-dye it. This hair colour required very high maintanence. Alas, being a lazy human being, it resulted in me having to frequently wear beanies and hats to hide the obvious difference between the two colours.  

Photos by Mikaela Tran


Rachel Yeo said...

You are impeccable, and this little photoshoot was beautiful. I adored the pink dress as well, the shade is just right and the cut-outs are to die for. x

LUCID STARS // Bloglovin'

rachel said...

that dress is just gorgeous! love the cut-outs at the front x

Cecylia.com said...

Love the cutouts - and the gigantic blackboard :)