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June 6, 2013

Blue Limecrime Lipstick

Limecrime lipstick c/o Beginning Boutique, Sportsgirl bomber, Zara top
I was way too excited when I received Limecrime's, "No She Didn't Blue" Lipstick. If you do not follow me on my other social media networks e.g. Instagram, then you may not have known that I recently did a drastic change by having dark purple hair! This was originally an accident (long story that is probably not worth explaining), but I am now in love with the end result and planning to keep it like this for a while. Such change has made me want to try even crazier stuff, such as.. playing with blue lipstick. (I realised that to achieve the exact shade of blue, you would have to conceal your lips first). Sorry for being so vain and having so many photos of myself (up-close) in this post but it was extremely fun having blue lips and bindis on my face. I definitely want to try more limecrime lipsticks in the future though. Also, what are your opinions on my new hair + blue lips? x


JoaNNa said...

this is so cool! is it drying though? I'm kinda skeptical towards extreme color lipsticks.
loving the hair as well!


MilknCookiie said...

Love the hair colour!

@JoaNNa I got myself some LimeCrime lippies too and I can ensure you that they are very, VERY creamy and definitely not drying. Definitely worth trying out. ;)

★ Cookiie

Tahnee Reynolds-Hopkins said...

Love the vibrant coloured lipstick!!