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May 18, 2013

Geeking It Out

Asos beanie, crop top, dungarees, Sportsgirl tights, Senso boots
Photos by Jing Khuu

Wednesday was an interesting day for me- no, not really. I slept in for longer than usual but was unfortunately woken up by the sound of the door bell. I already had an idea of who it was going to be, because it is always the same person ringing the door bell around that time. It was the postman, who is usually everyone's favourite person right? They're like another Santa. They often give us early Christmas presents throughout the year. Even though my postman is slightly rude and would usually ring the door bell once, wait for literally five seconds and then leave a note telling me to collect it at the post office. Seriously, can't he ever wait for a little longer? Five seconds does not give me enough time to get out of bed, find my house keys, walk to the door and open it! I sometimes even try to stop him from leaving by shouting in the silence, "I'm coming!!!" but the guy still leaves immediately regardless of what I do. As a result, I have to always waste my time and visit the post office to collect my parcels. Speaking of which, I can finally drive and it is such a great feeling! It was quite nerve-wrecking at first but I have gotten use to it and have been driving myself everywhere. I came to the conclusion that driving relaxes me, especially on days where I am completely exhausted from work, or uni. I am not a big fan of driving through peak hour though.
Moving on, I opened the Asos package and remembered that I ordered a top, and black dungarees. I was madly in love with both items that I had to immediately wear them out. This may not be necessary but I need to spend a few moments to express my love for this fantastic crop top. Firstly, it's a turtle neck-cropped top (my two favourites!), it is glittery andddd made of velvet material. What a freaken genius combination.
I have also been wearing these Senso boots everywhere. My love for these boots are insane. Actually, let me rephrase, my newly-founded love for boots in general is insane. I don't even wear heels that often anymore. I had to complete the look with another new beanie that has been added to my collection. If you could not tell through my Instagram already, I have been sporting the beanie look quite regularly. There are two main reasons to this:
1) My hair needs to be re-dyed ASAP
2) It makes my hair look decent, even when I am actually experiencing a bad hair day.
This post contains a lot of writing so I do apologise as most of the content is just me explaining my love for clothes...


Gabriella Olivia said...

super cute beanie! <3
I love your shoes btw~ xx


Marie Zhang said...

Oh Jody, you look so cute in this outfit. I love how you mixed and matched apparels for this look. ^.^

Brenda evans said...

perf top and booties <3

oasap giveaway on my blog til 23rd

elizabethlola said...

I just got these dungarees in the mail today too! I love how you styled them.


Theresa said...

SO IN LOVE with your boots!! The black overalls look incredible on you! (:


onesixthreechirp said...

Totally love your outfit of the day especially the dungarees!

Olivia said...

Cute boots! They are so cute. I think they'll be my next purchase!

nicoleta buru said...

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Kri said...

You look amazing! I want your beanie! <3

Hannah Kim said...

Love the overalls and embellished turtleneck! It's really unique