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April 23, 2013

Pretty Daze

 I am seriously in love with Beginning Boutique's new lookbook shoot. The styling, make up, and the model herself - Teresa Oman is absolute perfection.
 Photographs by Ali Mitton
If you love the eye candy as much as I do, Beginning Boutique is kindly taking 15% off their new lookbook when you enter the code, "DAZE". Happy shopping x


JULES said...

damn this IS total perfection.
I'm loving everything too from their make up and settings.
checking out their site now,
thanks for sharing!:)

xoxo, Jules
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Michaela said...

This is really pretty, the dresses look quite individual and as if they would hang so nicely!

InsideOut Elle said...

The blue dress with rosettes on it is exactly the type of dress I like but would never buy because it would look awful on me ^^

Debby said...

wow how beautiful, I'm really impressed, wow...


Ragni F said...


Renee Nabam said...

oh this is sooo cutte!! Love the styling!