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April 5, 2013

Pink Jelly Sandals!

Sportsgirl blazer, White blouse, pleather skirt c/o Beginning Boutique, Jbeans sandals
How was your childhood like? Mine, if you ask was something like this: wearing jelly sandals around shopping centres with my mother. This time last year, I would be giggling on the streets of Adelaide if an adult walked past me wearing jelly sandals, but how my views, a year later have changed. I've been quite addicted to these colourful babies, even though the attention that I seek from strangers on the street is rather amusing. 
As always, thankyou for reading, and visiting my blog! I truly appreciate it.. I shall be blogging soon again xo


Janice said...

I love them :D

Vanes said...

they are great in my opinion!
xx Vanes


S + T said...

Oh those are so cute! The last time I had some were in year 1... Might have to source some out now :)

xx T (lefanciulle)

Andrea said...

love those shoes! and the blazer is pretty too!

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

i like your leather skirt and the floral watercolour print blouse! such pretty long hair too

pandaphilia fashion

Michaela said...

I love the whole outfit! My friend bought a pair of similar jelly shoes the other day...they remind me of my childhood!

bon. said...

wooo jellies! yep I had a glittery pair when I was a small fry. will definitely be stocking up on some adult pairs :)


Bulgogian Soul said...

I love jelly sandals! They're comfy and fun. :) I also love your blazer.. it has such a nice color! :D

chloe_e said...

i love jelly sandals, i bought a pair a few months ago too and i forgot how comfortable they were :3

à la foliee

rachel said...

super cute! I have a pair of jellybean sandals too, they're so much fun x

Marta Caban said...

you're jacket is amazing! i love it!


Samantha said...

Ah jellies, love these I really want to get my hands on a black pair.
Lots of love from New Zealand,

Yotface said...

haha you look super cute and love the jelly sandals!!

Kim L said...

Great blazer! :) Just stumbled upon your blog :)

accidental encounters