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March 15, 2013


Yes, as over-rated as camo print is already, this is my fancy interpretation of the trendy, fall trend as it is now autumn in Australia. Yesterday's weather was much cooler in comparison to the previous days when the temperature would hit around thirty eight degrees celcius. On those days, I could never be bothered to accessorize as I am already struggling to come to a decision on what clothing items can attempt to help me remain cool when I leave the house and get ready to head to Uni.  Is it not insane that I once thought about wearing this pleather cap outside when the temperature was sizzling hot? Just imagine all the sweat that would be coming through the hat..

Bardot pleather cap, Asos camo jacket, Grey tee c/o Junk Clothing, Sportsgirl badges (on tee), Pleather skirt c/o Beginning Boutique, Printed tights c/o Oasap, Sportsgirl cut-out boots
One of my favourite combinations in the fall is to combine camo and leather together. I had the opportunity to wear my new cap from Bardot and this fancy, pleather skater skirt from Beginning Boutique. I have been religiously wearing this skirt everywhere for the past week. Not only do I love how it sits nicely on my waist, I love that it is slightly different to the typical skater skirts because of th small triangle detailing at the bottom. I am also addicted to basic pieces, if not yet already obvious, and thus could not say no to this grey tee from Junk Clothing. What I love about basics is tha you have the opportunity to style each piece in numerous ways, for example, how I pinned some quirky badges onto it. I had to complete this look by wearing tattoo tights and cut-out boots.

I do apologize for neglecting my blog and am in the process of trying to plan out a blog schedule to post on a more regular basis as I, myself get bored of reading blogs that aren't often updated.. But please forgive me! Follow me on Instagram (silkybow) for many other updates XOXO


Gabriella Olivia said...

love your cap, camo outer, top,..... i love everything! they're so cute! you rock this outfits! <3<3

bon. said...

very cool tattoo tights!
i'm still iffy as to whether i'm going to embrace the camo trend or not..i might look too GI jane. oh and i think your in the reflection of a pic i have up on my blog from the rock and royal launch :)


rachel said...

gorgeous skirt! love the cut-outs x

Daniella said...

You look awesome, loving this combo :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Katya R. said...

I love this combination too, you're gorgeous and have a great sense of style ;)

Memosne said...

Love the combination of camo and leather. The skater skirt is definitely one of those pieces you can style up or down.

The whole outfit is just really casual chic. =) Love it!


Mani said...

Lovely outfit! You pull off the pleather cap so well :)

Marija Brojcin said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.I like your style.I follow you on gfc.


Levi (tlnique) said...

Gorgeous! Love your style and the photos!! :) xx


Eider Urkijo said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! I follow you on GFC! amazing blog. xoxo


Deborah said...

i love this outfit!Thank you so much for your sweet comment, hun!
Your blog is awesome! I'd be really glad to follow you:) i hope u'll follow me back on gfc and bloglovin!!!!
Hope to see you soon on my blog.


alexostyle said...

Oh wow, this is is perfect ! I love the badges <333 especially the tin yang one :) and awesome cap.
I follow you now <3



Ashii said...

Love the whole outfit, I have a similar skirt & I like how you've styled it here. I'm following you now through GFC & bloglovin if you'd like to do the same :)

MYSTYLE said...

Hi there-you look great, such a lovely outfit! thanks for stopping by too!

Eva Milano said...

You look amazing and I love your hair!
Would you like to follow each other?

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

What a great look! Apparently gfc will shut down on the 1st of July, so let me know where else I can follow, Kisses! <3<3

Love sushi and fashion
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