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February 15, 2013

During the Evening

Azuki sheer jacket, American Apparel crop top, Forever New belt & shorts
Occasionally, I will forget that my hair is actually quite long, and tend to get surprised after my straightening my hair.  I remember back in the days when my hair was always the same, short length for years. However these photos were taken a few weeks back when I had less re-growth, and thus hair has grown even more by now! But yes, I will be re-dyeing my hair again soon, but with the usual dilemma of whether to dye it lighter or darker? This is definitely a first world problem (unfortunately). If I was writing this on twitter, I would be able to hashtag that.. However I don't think hashtagging on blogger is acceptable, and thus I won't. 


CanVirRies said...

elegant outfit..you have such good hair..dark color dye will look great i think..waiting for update to what color you dye :)


Jaeger said...

you look really cute i love the jacket



Ice Pandora said...

Very sweet outfit c:
You look lovely! xx

Adelajda said...

nice shorts!

miemiemie said...

Your hair!!!! Love it!

lick burger said...

you're so cool!


Theresa said...

Very lovely outfit! You are gorgeous! (:


Gillian Uang said...

Very pretty! I am in love with your cardigan :)


Anonymous said...

hi jody! can you make your comments appear in a pop-up box instead of linking to a separate page? it would be a lot more convenient :))) (gorgeous outfit as always, love the colours!)

rachel said...

love that jacket, the pattern is gorgeous x

Vanes said...

I really like the combination!:)
xx Vanes