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January 17, 2013

Movie Night

One Teaspoon knit sweater, American Apparel skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy
Photos by Cathy
Today is a Thursday and university offers have just been officially released. Last night however, for some apparent and odd reason I was able to check my offers when I came home. Yes, I got accepted into my desired course, which, if you are wondering is a Bachelor of Laws double degrees with Commerce! I am still tremendously stoked as I have been wanting to get into this course throughout the whole of last year. Finally, after many, many nights at the library studying for exams, I did it! I just want to thank everyone who was there to support me last year because it definitely motivated me to try and do well. It is also great news to hear my other friends being offered the courses that they wanted too. I can't wait to embark a new schooling journey this year.
This is what I wore yesterday when Cathy and I went to watch Alice in Wonderland at Rocketbar Rooftop. I purchased this baggy sweater recently as I thought it would be a wonderful piece and wardrobe statement to wear this year when I am in a rush to go to Uni. I love the long sleeves and the loose V neck detailing. I am quite attracted to V necks lately, not sure why, but I am.
As I wanted attention to be drawn towards the sweater more, I wore the circle skirt beneath it. Of course, I paired the outfit with my Tardy because they suit with practically anything. Although, it has been a while since the last time I wore them, I came to the realisation that they are less comfortable than before, which was during the period where I wore them out all the time. I began to notice that they are rather heavy and are best worn on flat ground. Not to also mention that I sound like a house galloping when I walk upstairs in them (haha). Oh well, I still love them.
Thanks for reading x


Linda Zhang said...

I really love the American Apparel skirts! ♡
Also, congrats on that uni acceptance :)


Gillian Uang said...

Loving your sweater :) You look extra cute!

Karen Okuda said...

Your sweater is so cute; I love the sleeves and the cable knit detailing!


Kristen de Vera said...

I'm in love with your outfit! Love the sweater and the skirt so much.

Sarah Truong said...

Congratulations lovely. So happy for you :) x

LAURA said...

congrats on getting into the course you wanted hun!!

Laura x


▲elaine▽ said...

Your curls are perfection!

Adelajda said...

awesome sweater!

maggie said...

Congrats on getting into the course you wanted!!! And I'm loving your look~~

xx maggie

fhenny said...

congratulations on your acceptance!
the outfit is adorable!

i have just followed your blog
follow mine if you like it <3
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Marta Caban said...

Great post!
I love your blog,you are so lovely:)
Following you now,hope you follow back:)


Grazia Ventrella said...

Great blog! ;) I like it and your style... Thank you for your comment on my blog... ^.^ Wanna follow each other? I wish you'll follow me... I'm waiting you on my blog... ;)

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ChickadeeSays said...

Great sweater and your hair looks fabulous!

xx Kait