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January 31, 2013


American Apparel top/dress, Cream- coloured cardigan, Sportsgirl cut-out boots & bag

I adore this oversized, white dress from American Apparel. However, the funny story is when I first purchased it online, I was very excited to receive it.  Yet when the package finally came in the mail, I was disappointed as it looked a whole lot better on the model than it would on me. The baggy fit did not complement my body well and without the appropriate style of shoes, it would not do the dress any justice. In short, I didn't really like it. Alas, it was hanging in my wardrobe for a long duration of time with the tag still on.
When I was admiring these cut-out boots at a Sportsgirl store, one of the outfits that I was quickly styling in my head was exactly this - a minimalist white dress worn with the black boots. It made me remember that I did have a white dress awaiting for me at home.
I definitely admire the simplicity of this monochrome outfit. I had to throw over a cream cardigan as the weather was rather cold during the morning. Nevertheless, it still matched my outfit perfectly well. Decked out in all- white is one of my favourite trends this season. 
Thanks for reading xo
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Vonny said...

love how versatile the dress is :D i like your hair too! Is it naturally wave or not? you look so beautiful! new reader here :)

Anonymous said...

Un look increíble!!!


Daniella said...

I love the oversized proportions of your outfit! Great great look! :)

Take care,
Daniella from LellaVictoria xox

Rox Anne said...

Amazing look. I follow you and I hope you'll do the same :). Kisses

Anonymous said...

What a cute outfit! Love the hand bag too. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Caroline Susanto said...

I love this look so much dear ^^

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Adelajda said...

nice dress and sweater!

Athena Ben. said...

Thank you for your comment!
I love those booties, they suit you so well!
You have a new follower over here! :)

xx, A!

Amy said...

Love the big oversized sweater dress, so cute!

Cierra Monét said...

Your style is amazing!! You pull that oversized cardigan off so well [:



Emanuela said...

Beautiful cardigan, lovely look!!! Come see my new daisy skirt :)

xo Emma

Visceral Maze said...

I think the dress looks amazing on you. I am not sure why you thought it did not look good on you :)

ps: thank you for stopping by. I adore your blog and following you. hope you follow back

Theresa said...

I am so in love with this outfit!!! I want to steal this entire look from you!!! it's just perfect!


Kri said...

watchu talking about? you wear it so well! I love anything oversized too !! ^ ^

RaeAbigael said...

i love your lace cardigan :)
drop by my blog too?

Rae \(^o^)/
Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

rachel said...

love an all-white outfit! especially with black ankle boots x

Cathy said...

I'm obsessed with your cardigan! hehe love you little one <3

Jodie said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog- amazing dress and I love your boots

JennyScribbles said...

i love your boots!!!

Amor said...

I love your cardigan! You look adorable! :)


Diana Caitilin said...

love how it's simple and clean. totally love this outfit<3
Call Me Diiiyn !

Irène Latoudis said...

oooh you look so amazing! Your hair, your style, everything!
amazing! xoxo