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January 25, 2013


Photos by me
Why hello there,
Sorry that I have not been blogging as regularly lately. I've been quite caught up with other things in my life and unfortunately, it means no time to blog. Even when I did, I'd rather wait until I was in the "blogging" mood as I would want the content to hopefully be more interesting for you to read/ view.
Last month, I was kindly asked by the lovely Stacey, owner of the Adelaide brand casper&Pearl  to come to their A/W 2013 Winter campaign lookbook shoot. I was completely over the moon as I've always known about this brand, and I have always loved all their pieces! If you have never heard of this cute brand then I suggest you visit their site.
I have previously blogged about my outfit from the shoot, so click here if you want to have a look at it clearly.
This is a little sneak peak/ behind the scene photos of what casper&Pearl has to offer to all you girls very soon. I shall be doing another post of clearer photos of some of the pieces from the collection when the time gets closer. How exciting! Trust me, the A/W campaign is going to look ah-maze-ing when it is released. I cannot even describe how beautiful the photoshoot location was and not to mention the gorgeous model. She was incredibly tall, so I am quite envious. I hope you enjoyed the picturesque visuals and I shall be blogging soon again xo
Visit casper&pearl's blog here.


WhiteShirt BlueJeans said...

beautiful photos, love it <3


Gillian Uang said...

Gorgeous! <3


Joanna K. said...

love your post!!

Ice Pandora said...

Flowers everywhere c: Nice


Adelajda said...

nice pics!

Jaeger said...

lucky girl!



Theresa said...

How fun! I love all the photos! (:

Msdressy GIVEAWAY!

CanVirRies said...

Congrats and the pictures are adorable :)...love evry bit of it...Thanks a lot for dropping by in my blog...I'm following you right away <3...would love to see you follow back :D