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November 10, 2012

Instagram updates

These are some of my outfits which I wore when I went out for study purposes. Whilst I did not update my blog, I instead,  updated on Instagram. I mean, taking a photo on the phone and editing it on the app is much more time efficient. 
Can't help but notice that I'm practically wearing the same pair of shoes in every photo. I swear, I wear other shoes as well, but I only end up taking photos on the day when I wear this pair!

Thanks for reading x 
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amanda said...

awhh cute insta outfits! very fashionable even though they're just for study (:

Mariana Branício said...

Love the fun leggings!
x Mariana | http://goingteen.blogspot.sg/

Theresa said...

Ahhh how cute!! you're adorable! (: Definitely following you on instagram.
Also, following you on gfc too. ^__^ LOVE YOUR BLOG.


▲elaine▽ said...

Dem tights *~* dang girl you get cuter and cuter!