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September 5, 2012

Eye Candy for the Month of August

Desserts at Eggless 
Little treats at Muratti/ Belgium waffles
Baskin Robbins' cotton candy and choc mint ice cream/ free fairy floss at the Adelaide Uni open day
Pretty Eggless welcome blackboard with fairy lights
Tasting platter/ favourite dessert- green tea and lychee creme brulee
Fresh strawberries and blueberries/ red macaron tower at the Mac Factory
Sipping my newly addicted frozen fanta, grape flavoured at McDonalds
Outfit of the night/ outfit of the day
Purchased some macarons as a special treat/ breakfast (which we waited almost 45 minutes for..)
Colourful macaron tower at the Mac Factory/ Pretty Dolly wink lashes
And at last, these shots were taken on the same day as the previous post. We ate Ramen for dinner and I had to take some photos with these fairy-light trees. The little street just glows because of the lights and I love the vintage feel of the background. Well there you have it, my eventful yet busy August!


Rachel said...

Officially hungry, fyi.

Stella Lunardy said...

omgggg those foods! :9 and you look great anw!


Popcorn said...

Soo hungry. I have been craving Baskin Robin ice cream! ughhh I want to eat.

Ardhzakia F. Naim said...

ya ya ya , I love baskin ㅠㅠ can I get one ㅋㅋㅋ ^^ for all of those food made me hungry... ㅠㅠ

rachel said...

I love your jeans, where are they from?

and you've made me hungry with all your yummy food pictures! x

kk993 said...

so pretty ^^
lovely cord outfit :)

Xixia said...

Ah, for some reason, I thought you had lobster for breakfast! XD
Anyways, that is an adorable outfit. And yum, those sweets look so scrumptious.

♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

Adina N. said...

Omg so many sweets, I want them all :X And I love your blazer! kisses

Anonymous said...

awesome dessert shots :) a well-coordinated dinum outfit. Jody!