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September 2, 2012


Asos peplum top, Forever New boyfriend jeans, Siren heels, Louis Vuitton bag
What a better way to start off the first day of spring with some sunshine and a floral daisy top. The weather has been so lovely these couple of days. There were so many people yesterday just embracing the sunshine by the river. Today, I somehow managed to take a casual stroll around my neighbourhood and there were so many families celebrating Father's day by fishing by the lake. But as the sun is coming out, I have to make sure that I use sunscreen on my body more often because I do not want to be burnt like I was last Summer.


Carina said...

Such a cute print! Ahh you're lucky! In the UK it's all doom and gloom going into A/W :(

Exuvalia said...

Awww, you look really sweet in that top. :)
Yeah, remember to put sunscreen because your fair skin is nice!

Izzy said...

I'm glad you had a great first day of spring! Mine was dismally cold haha :( you're pulling off the boyfriend jeans perfectly <3


MonkeyFace said...

You are looking BOOT-TY-FUL jody! :)

Melody said...

The top is so cute!

maggie said...

Love your daisy printed peplum top! So springy

xx maggie

Anonymous said...

Such a cool outfit. Love the print of the top, it reminds me of Blumarine show :)

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Rebecca said...

What a lovely & happy peplum top!!