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August 22, 2012




1. Star House Chinese Restaurant 2. Alphutte Restaurant 3. Top of the World Revolving Restaurant

You know that your friends know you well when they automatically (and impatiently) wait until you snap a decent shot of the plates on the table. I'm such a sucker for beautiful food presentation. But whether or not it tastes good is another factor. I've been so busy with school that whenever I have do have the time, I like to eat out and try new restaurants. :)


Ivy said...

EVERYTHING looks so yummm! Omgsh, do you like oysters?! I love them... BUT so many people hate them haha -.-

Simona said...

All the food looks absolutely delicious!:)
xx Simona

Despina T. said...

beyond delicious!amazing

Xixia said...

Oh your friends are awesome. I recently went out with some guy friends, and they just dug in. ...maybe it's because they're guys. XD
Beautiful pictures!! Those xiao long bao look delicious, and oh gosh, I can't remember what it's called, but the food in the picture below it is one of my favorites. ^^

♥ xixia

Candypop said...

yummos i loveeeee dining at the Alphutte! <3 Goodluck with your studies Jody!


London's-beauty said...

The food! <3 I haven't had Chinese food in ages. Kind of crazing for it now. ^^

Hope we can keep in touch. :)

Anonymous said...


Aliya said...

Yum!! Those oysters are making my mouth drool!

x Aliya
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