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August 9, 2012

Burgundy and Brown

Bardot blazer, Top and skirt from local boutique, Black stockings, Therapy boots
Without a doubt, my favourite outerwear are boyfriend blazers. They're extremely versatile and complement any outfit, for any weather. I also love leather pleated skirts and purchased this brown one almost a year ago. However, for some odd reason I never had the chance to wear it out until last week. Consequently, I thought a reddish/ burgundy colour scheme would complement well with the brown skirt. 
These boots are also newly purchased because I finally came to the realisation that I needed more flat shoes, especially if I take into account the amount that I actually walk when I go out for the entire day. (I also have a tendency of walking extremely fast.. if you wanted to know) Heels, which dominate my shoe collection are clearly not the ideal pair of shoes for situations like these. I don't really lust for flats though, they always somehow deem to hurt my feet in one way or another - by giving me unwanted blisters. 
This beautiful scarf is my little sister's. My neck is always freezing in Winter and I don't feel fully complete unless I wear a scarf to keep me warm. It's so interesting how this scarf complements with my outfit so well! I'll check for the brand of the scarf another time, because it's in my sister's room and I'm too lazy to leave my bed... haha
Oh, just to let you all know, I was told today by my orthodontist that I'll be getting my braces off in six weeks! I'm so excited because I feel like I've had my braces on for such a long period of time already. Can't wait to see the results, it is just in time for graduation at the end of the year too.
P.s I know I don't update this blog as much as I want to so if you want to see more daily updates, follow me on Instagram or Twitter , both with the username ' @silkybow '  


Popcorn said...

It must be really cold where you live already. I loving the color scheme.

Monkey Face said...

You look beautiful :)

Stella Lunardy said...

so stunning!<3 the colors combination looks so match!


Chai said...

Really nice outfit! :) <3


Marion ♥ said...

Hello Jody! I missed stalking your blog! :-) Hahaha and I must say I love this outfit. The colors are so warm and fruity! ~


Sam said...

Cute! I'm so ready for scarf and jacket weather!


Ardhzakia Naim said...

visit your blog, jody and I (really) love your outfit. I love the color too...

nadyagita said...

I don't know that two colors match together! thanks for giving the idea :) so lovely I love your boots <3


maggie said...

Love your color scheme! It's so nice and it makes me anticipate autumn so much more! I love your skirt and shoes.

xx maggie

Jaeger said...

cute scarf!



Izzy said...

congrats on getting your braces off soon, yay :) love all the red and orange hues in your outfit, so perfect for this weather!


rachel said...

LOVE the colours in your outfit, they work so well together <3

Aliya said...

I adore your skirt! And you look amazing in boyfriend blazers!!

x Aliya
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