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August 25, 2012

Bow Coat

Forever New coat, Zu boots, Louis Vuitton bag

I miss summer. Funnily enough, I know that when summer does hit, I'll be saying the reverse. However it feels like Adelaide has been experiencing the longest winter season. I miss not always having to layer on clothes, or always wearing an outer piece when I go out. I was looking at my wardrobe last night and found that I didn't wear my coats out enough. So today for brunch, I decided to wear this  lovely coat from Forever New. Yes, the weather was cold but I wore skin-coloured stockings which kept me warm enough throughout the day. These boots are almost identical to the Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I couldn't help but buy them when they were on sale for such a good price. Anyway, thankyou for visiting and I hope you spend the rest of your weekends safely.


Anonymous said...


Claireta Teressa said...

lovee your boots!

London's-beauty said...

I like the bag. ^^


Ardhzakia Naim said...

you miss summer? and I really want to see autumn or winter ^^ I live in southeast Asia and I can't meet summer, autumn, winter or spring like your country. -_-" Sometimes I want to dress up like you, wear coat and boots and going out with friends. but how can you not be cold with the stocking? hehe but for all, I love your outfit ^^

Gabriella Olivia said...

i love your coat!


Helena Natanael said...

love ur coat :D

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claire said...

i love your coat, especially the little bow detail on the back! xxx

Tifa said...

I love the shoes!!

And cute coat.
You have very nice legs :D

Angie said...

great fall minimalism! i like that coat with your litas - what an unexpected solid staple colour!

pandaphilia style

dred said...

i love this. from head to toe. :)


SinYee said...

This is an amazing outfit!!! Simple yet adorable! I love your boots! :D

Gabriela Poletti said...

Lovely outfit!


Josephine said...

I've been eyeing that coat for ages but haven't decided on what colour to get!
I've been leaning towards red but now I'm liking the beige and navy
Oh decisions decisions
Thank god you wore tights because it's freezing the weather! But you seriously can pull off any outfit! So envious

MonkeyFace said...

You look amazing!
Those are a pair of very sexy legs :)

rachel said...

I love that bag, that's the bag I want to get next!

gorgeous coat, the bow is so cute x

Sharon said...

gorgeous outfit!! are your litas Jeffrey Campbells?