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June 30, 2012

Recently Purchased

These are some of my recently purchased items. I have added a new pair to my collection of Black Milk tights (called blue fairy paint). Unfortunately, from looking at the site, it seems to have already been sold out. I guess it is understandable since I did buy them on the day they were released, on the school computers seeing as though the green pairs were selling out really quick.
The other photos are just some printed blouses and tops that were on sale.

I currently have a two week 'break'. I put the emphasis on the word 'break' because I have to use this precious time to do my assignments as well as revise for my mid year exams in three weeks. crikes. However it does mean I get to wear casual clothes more often. You see, wearing a uniform to school 5 days a week for all your life makes you cherish every casual day as much as possible. Hopefully this would mean I be able to update my blog more often. 


LOLA FINN said...

Really nice stuff, dear!! I love those print so much <3

Gillian Uang said...

Eyeing all these prints! Great buys! :)


Jaeger said...

oh man i love all these, so cool!



Ina Lathifah Siregar said...

Those items are really gorgeous!
Wanna have the galaxy one <3

Love, Ina xoxo

Sarah said...

Hey hun, thanks for your lovely comment :) Love your new buys especially the galaxy leggings!xx

Izzy said...

haha yeah, it's so weird remembering how in hs we would have to wear the same thing almost everyday! love the BMs <3 I would totally buy every design if I had the money to spare haha.


kaizokumousy said...

omg I love those leggings u bought from black and milk~

Anonymous said...

Those Black Milk legins are just amazing. I can't wait to see your photos in them.
Btw thanks for nice comment on my blog :D Can we follow each other? I'm done so now it's your turn :D


Joyce said...

i love your galaxy and coral blouse purchases! :D you're really pretty too. keep in touch ^_^


Naina said...

Ugh, love Black Milk tights - but I feel like I wouldn't pull them off. For me, they're nice to look at, but wouldn't fit in with the rest of my weird crap.
Have a fun 'break'!

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Jessica said...

i love the prints on all of those!!! that is a bummer you still have to sort of work during your break :( it is funny that you purchased them at school hahah i had to wear uniforms throughout high school so i know how that is!


parfums said...

Beautiful collection. amazing colors.
Parfum pas cher

Well... said...

Oh man, these look like some awesome items! Can't wait to see them on you haha

Trendy Teal

Shubhi said...

Super stuff!
Thaks for your comment honey:)

Shubhi's Revels!

Melody said...

Let me know how the blue fairy paint turns out! I was thinking about them but decided I should probably try to save some money haha ;-;